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How much does commercial photography cost?

Commercial Photography costs between $250 and $3,500 a day depending on your needs and the skill of the commercial photographer.

In the market for some top-notch commercial photography, but scratching your head trying to figure out the budget?

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Understanding commercial photography rates can be as complex as setting up the perfect shot—lots of elements are at play, and it’s easy to overlook something crucial.

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This guide is your one-stop shop to break down what goes into commercial photography pricing.

After reading this you will be able to make an informed decision for your next project.

State-of-the-art commercial photography equipment was used to capture this food photo of blueberry jam being spread on a roll. That equipment or any special gear needed is a part of what goes into the day rate.


What Is Commercial Photography?

Before we jump to the numbers, let’s clear up what commercial photography actually entails.

Commercial photography is a broad term that includes capturing images solely for advertising and promotional purposes.

This encompasses everything from product photography, billboards, website images, to even the pictures you see on eCommerce stores.


What Does a Commercial Photographer Do?


A commercial photographer like me, wears many hats.

One day it’s all about shooting flat lays of your products, and the next, it’s capturing various angles or creating stop-motion animations.

It’s not just about snapping a few pics; it’s about understanding your brand and conveying your message through visual storytelling.

Close-up shot of a watch, exemplifying commercial photography detail work.


Commercial Photography Rates: Breaking It Down


Average Rates


The average commercial photography rates range from $350 to $500 per day for beginners.

However, established photographers can charge as much as $3,500 per day.



Commercial Photography Rate Pricing Structure


Per Hour: Between $100 and $400

Half-day Rate: Varies

Full-day Rate: Varies


Factors Affecting the Price


Nature of Services: Are you looking for simple shots or a complex campaign?

Type of Client: Bigger clients may have different needs and budgets.

Quality of Rendered Services: Higher quality usually comes with a higher price tag.

Location: Shooting in a studio vs. an exotic location can affect cost.

Equipment: Specialized equipment can add to the cost.

small business product photography for essential oils company


The FAQ Section: Questions You Didn’t Know You Had


What Does Commercial Photography Include?


In a nutshell, commercial photography includes:

Product Photography: My personal favorite, focusing on your product to make it look its absolute best.

Advertising Photography: For billboards, online ads, and more.

Branding/Consultancy: Providing a cohesive look for your overall brand.


How Do You Plan a Commercial Photoshoot?


Planning involves:

• understanding your brand,

• identifying the target audience, and

• deciding on the type of photos needed.

There’s also:

• location scouting,

• hiring additional professionals if needed, and

• setting up the studio.


How Long Does a Commercial Photoshoot Take?

Time varies depending on the project scope.

A simple product shoot could take a few hours, while a full-scale advertising campaign could span several days.


What is Commercial Photography Called?


It goes by different names based on its purpose, such as product photography, advertising photography, or even corporate photography, which focuses more on events and professional portraits.


beverage product photography


A Personal Note on Commercial Photography Rates


Every shoot is different, as are client needs.

I work to get what you need and see if, while in the studio, I can come up with ideas and angles that may work even better.

You still get the final say, but creativity and in-studio play can sometimes create images better than we imagined.


Is it Worth Hiring a Commercial Photographer?


Absolutely. Professional, high-quality commercial photography is an investment in your brand.

It’s like purchasing a custom art piece as opposed to a generic print.


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