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Food Photography For E-commerce & Natural Brands

If you are looking for a food photographer, my in-studio work specializes in e-commerce snack and natural brands. If you are a restaurant owner or chef looking for food photography, I can travel to you.  I work with you to create fun and appetizing food photography for your website, social media, ads or menu.
From stand alone ecommerce shots to plated masterpieces or life-style scenes showing your food enjoyed by people, we will craft your vision into photographic reality.
Here are some examples of my in studio food photography that would be at home on a website or social media. Click on the images to enlarge:

You may see some quick chocolate animations in my 360º and Stop Motion gallery. There is no rule that says your food can’t come to life online!

High quality images are a crucial part of business success. There is a lot of competition for consumers, and professional product photography can make your business, product and message stand out.

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