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I’m Tom, and I’ve been a professional artist since 1984. For decades I was a performance artist, dabbling in photography and other artistic endeavors on the side.

Then came 2020. Audiences and events dried up overnight as performances canceled. This lead me to find other ways to stay creative.

Photography was the spark that kept me going! Every day is a challenge to find a way to express my clients’ business through the camera lens.

Tom Crowl

The Goal:

To provide clients with high quality content that provides a massive value for every dollar invested. Product photography and social content drive consumers to make purchasing decisions. I want your investment to generate an abundant return because that benefits both of us!

While one time projects are fine, I’m hoping we can establish a long term business relationship. Think of having a product photographer on retainer like an accountant or attorney. They are the part time contractor that understands your business and delivers results when you need them!

How It Works:

After our first consultation call, I will provide you with a quote that covers all of your project requirements. Once accepted, the fun starts.

I’ll ask questions to learn about your brand, what types of things you like/don’t like and goals for the project. I’ll share a mood board and get your input so we are on the same wave length about your photos. We’ll also discuss a shot list so I make sure to capture images of everything you want/need.

Following the photoshoot, you’ll get a private gallery of online proofs for you to review. Once you choose the images you want they will be professionally retouched and edited with final delivery within 3 – 5 days.

My Guarantee:

I stand behind the quality of my work. If you are unhappy with your photos upon receipt, you have two business weeks to let me know. I will then refund your photoshoot investment and revoke your license to use the photos since they are not to your satisfaction.

Interested To Learn More?

Let’s take the next step and talk. I know we can create something memorable together!

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