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  • USA Studio

  • You Work Directly With The Photographer

  • Fast Turnaround

  • Color Accurate Images

  • Choice Of Backgrounds

  • Custom Services To Meet Your Needs

  • Professional Retouching

  • Image License Included With Your Project

The studio provides photography for:

  • Jewelry,

  • Food & Beverage,

  • Beauty Products,

  • Watches,

  • Electronics,

  • Household Items,

  • Health & Supplements,

  • And Your Cool Stuff!

The studio offers:

  • On-White Photos – perfect for online e-commerce sites.

  • Cut-Outs – Removing the background from around the product.

  • Lifestyle Photos – combine props, surfaces & dramatic lighting to create a visual impact of your product in action.

  • Flat Lay Images – Shot from above giving the perfect bird’s eye view.

  • Info Graphics – Adding text information to your image: measurements, materials, etc.

  • Group Photos – A group of your products displayed together.

  • Backgrounds – Have a brand color that you want to pop? We can take your shots on different colored backgrounds and create custom settings for your products.

  • Patterns – Perfect for Flat Lay photos.

  • Social Shares – Lifestyle, Info Graphics and your product in use, all sized for your social media.

  • Stop Motion Videos & Gifs – These quirky videos and gifs draw attention to your product!

  • Short Videos of Your Product – Perfect for web & social – edited and ready for upload.

  • 360 Videos & Gifs or frames for interactive plugins – Spin your product so the consumer can see the whole thing.

The studio can also provide:

  • Models – Hand models and full body friendly faces.

  • Hair & Makeup – So your model looks her best.

  • Manicures – A definite plus for hand models and a finishing touch on full body models.

  • Shopping – For photo props & product

  • Shoot Stylist – They help take group shots and detailed prep shots to the next level.

Don’t see the product photography services you need? Let’s talk and I will see what I can do to help!

Photography That Drives Sales & Raises Brand Awareness:

Custom photoshoots to capture tailored images to meet your needs:


E-commerce Product Photography

When you sell in an online store, the consumer can’t feel, touch or compare the product physically. E-commerce product photographs need to capture the essence and quality of the item. The consumer needs to be drawn to the image which will then result in the order.

My e-commerce photography can integrate with platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Shopify and more. Just let me know your needs and I will make it happen!

Amazon Product Photography

When your products stand out, they generate more clicks and sales. My on-white photos, in-studio lifestyle photos, infographics & product videos are perfect attention grabbers. Plus, they arrive to you meeting all Amazon image requirements.

Etsy Product Photography

Want photos that get Etsy visitors into your store to buy? Then let’s talk! Having professional images that capture your brand and products can keep people returning to see what is new.

Shopify Product Photography

Shopify has amazing templates and makes breaking into online sales easy. Let me help you create amazing images that are unique to your brand. Avoid stock photography, let’s sell you!

Ebay Product Photography

Ebay used to be folks selling junk they no longer needed. Today, there are a lot of businesses there and separating yourself from the competition is more important than ever. Let’s create something eye-grabbing and start the sales rolling in.

Website Photography

Creating images of your product for banners and ads makes your website visually appealing, interesting and informing. These are the product photos that really stand apart and entice visitors to learn more about you and your offerings.

Social Media Content Creation

Social media is your opportunity to engage & inform customers. Build trust, offer social proof and elevate your brand with a beautiful feed of images that help stop the scroll.

I can format your images for Instagram, Twitter and FaceBook feeds as well as for their ads.

Photography For Advertising & Print Media

From product packaging to printing advertising ads and materials, just let me know what you need to do and I’ll help!

I am not a cookie-cutter commercial photographer.

Every shoot is personally customized for my clients’ brand, products and use. From lighting to layout to execution, my goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver product photos you and your customers will love.

Let’s discuss what you need and I will create a quote that covers everything so there are no surprise expenses!

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