You’ll hear a lot of psychology behind increasing ecommerce conversions on your website. The truth of the matter is that you want to make it simple and easy for consumers when they arrive at your online store.


Success depends on many factors, including your product photography, SEO page and image, persuasion (sales) copy and more. Every time you implement something new, try A/B tests to see what works and what doesn’t. Incremental changes will increase your conversions.


Now let’s talk about e-commerce design tips to increase your online sales.


1. Make certain your images represent your style, brand & products.


They should be high quality, with an emphasis on what you sell. People are drawn to images first, and if they aren’t good, it will reflect on your brand, costing you sales.



2. Make certain website navigation is easy and visible.


If people aren’t sure how to get to a particular product, they will leave. Simplify the menu and make it easy to get around on your website.



3. Remove the confusion.


Focus on your product for each product page.


Too often e-commerce businesses try to push other items, related or not. This clutters your product page with distractions, which can cause people to leave.


It is okay to include some related items, but don’t go overboard. The product page has one purpose – to make the sale. If you are looking to optimize your product pages for increased conversions, read this article. It includes some design tips to help you increase the value of your sales.



4. Don’t add unrelated promotional offers.


Having a sale or promotion on something? Want people to check out your deals page? It is okay to let people know about these but make sure visitors can concentrate on the reason they are on your site.


If you pop up deals as soon as they arrive, you’ll find a lot of people will leave. Don’t create the impression of being a cheap discount site!


This tip goes along with removing the confusion, because your product page isn’t the place to promote these either.


Possibly your cart before checkout as long as it doesn’t make them take extra steps to purchase the original product.



5. Show people what they need to see …


If you sell different types of products, give website visitors an overview on the home page of your offerings. It should be simple to click on things and go to that particular product line.


It is also a good idea to make it very easy to find customer service, return information, contact info and shipping details. These all have an impact on making the sale. You want it to be super easy for people to find what they need.



6. Product pages should sell.


The design of your product pages is important to making those conversions.


When the page opens, you want them to immediately see the product so they know they are in the right place. Have multiple product photos so they can see different angles and zoom in to examine the quality.


Your product pricing should be front and center, don’t make people search for it. The product description should provide the features and the benefits of the item they are looking at.


Include product specs, shipping and return information. Yes, you will have other pages for shipping & returns, but make sure the pertinent information is there. If they have to navigate away, you will likely lose the sale.


Another important consideration is where to place the Buy Now or Add To Cart button. It must stand out and be easy to find.


Further down on the page, related items and customer reviews will be valuable to include. Again, for more information on optimizing your product pages, read this article.


images that sell brands


7. Showcase your products & pages with amazing photography.


This is so obvious, but a huge percentage of online businesses neglect it. They figure they or someone they know has a camera and that will be good enough.

Good product photos are more than just setting your product on a table and snapping a photo. There are lighting, background, styling, focus, depth of field and so much more that goes into creating an image that makes consumers want to buy.


Do your current product photos tell the story of your product and brand, or are they just photos? Are you using manufacturer photos like the competition and competing on price alone?


If you don’t invest in quality, it reflects on your entire business.


Another benefit of amazing product photography is that it reduces returns, which will save you money.



8. Make purchasing easy.


Allow guest checkouts so people don’t need to create an account. Offer to send them a discount coupon by email them if they do create an account.


Offer multiple ways to pay – Credit Card, PayPal, etc.


The easier you make it, the less abandoned carts you will have.



9. Be original.


Don’t just use stock images or manufacturer images on your e-commerce website. Likewise, stock sales copy does little to give people a reason to buy from you.


Customize your offerings, infuse your personality and brand. This will help people relate to your business and set you apart from the competition.


If your customer service and quality are top notch to go along with your site, you’ll build a tribe of repeat customers. And that is how you increase conversions and sales!


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