Oasis Humidifiers – Website Refresh

Oasis Humidifiers’ website was old and outdated. The images too small to see and grainy when you tried to zoom in. They wanted a new site and went to BizMarquee. Randy recommended me for their product photos. Dave, the owner and I discussed some ideas and he decided to move forward.

Below are some of the new images I created for their website and socials.

Oasis Humidifiers

I have used a number of commercial photographers over the years for my business, Oasis, Inc. While all of the photographers were competent, Tom Crowl takes his photography to a higher level than any previous photographers.

We make humidifiers for musical instruments that shrink as the water evaporates. This is the primary selling feature of our products. The user can see when the humidifier should be refilled. Tom put together a sequence of photographs that show this process in action…quite remarkable. All of his other photos were excellent and showed our products off very favorably.

I am very glad that I found Tom and would highly recommend anyone wanting commercial product photography should contact Tom.

Dave Hepple

President, Oasis, Inc.

To see more of the photos from this project visit: OasisHumidifiers.com

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