The difference between selling products and struggling with ecommerce sales is presentation. Professional product photography services in Maryland that allow you to increase sales and consumer awareness. Plus, if you are in Maryland, lower Pennsylvania, DC or Northern Virginia, these services are in your backyard!


Product photography services:


1. E-commerce Product Photos


Your product on a white background. You will use these photos on sites such as Amazon, Wal-Mart and your own ecommerce website. Depending on the product, you may want between 3-6 images showing different angles. Our ecommerce images will come sized for your needs so consumers may zoom in to see details.


2. Hero Shots


Hero shots are strong images that convey your brand and the benefits consumers will experience when using your product. Hero shots use ambience, context, props, backgrounds, lighting and texture to create a mood. The goal is to create a strong first impression that showcases the value of your product or services.



3. Lifestyle Product Photos


Lifestyle product photography is also referred to as context photography. It features your product in a curated setting which sometimes includes models. Styled to allow consumers a chance to see how the product would look in their life, it conveys lifestyle and asthetics of your branding.


4. Macro Product Photos


Macro shots allow consumers to see the details of your product extremely close up. Perfect for the settings and stones in jewelry or to showcase a weave in fabrics.


5. Group Shots


Group shots can highlight your product line. These are the perfect images to show products that enhance each other and help to increase sales.


e-commerce product photos


6. Infographics


Infographics add text to your product images to highlight the features and benefits.


7. Hand Modeling


Hands holding your product, pouring a beverage or wearing a watch or jewelry. If your product can benefit by adding the human touch, we can provide hand models to match your needs.


8. Models


We can contract union or non-union models models for your product shoot.


9. Product Settings & Backdrops


My product photography studio features a wide range of backdrops and surfaces to create your images. Branding or product accent colors? No problem. If you require something special, we will work with you to make it happen.


product photographer in Maryland
food & beverage photography

10. Hi-Res Images


Want hi-res product photos for magazine or print advertising. Let me know the specifications you need and the images will arrive ready for press.


11. Website Images


I work with companies who are updating their websites and rebranding. It is no problem communicating with your web designer to provide the images you want in the sizes they need.


12. Retouch & Editing Services


We always present your product images with high-end retouching services. Color matching is a part of this service. Additional editing is also available.


Don’t see the product photography services you need listed? Reach out and let’s discuss your shoot to see if I can help.


One of the benefits of working with a product photography studio in your area is saving on product shipment. Often I can arrange with you to meet up and save you that expense.


Please take a few minutes to look at my portfolio and get an idea of my style. If you like what you see let’s talk.


Your vision + my art = sales and raising consumer awareness for your business.


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