Looking for high-quality, professional photos for website use?

You know the visual appeal of a website can make or break a business.

Professional photos custom shot for your brand can drastically improve user engagement and conversion rates.  

When you’re searching for photography for websites, there are a few key things to consider:

Hair Product Photography - Beauty and Haircare Products
haircare product photography on client website

Two examples of my work for Miribel Naturals


Why Not Just Grab Photos Off the Internet?


You may wonder, “Why can’t I simply use any image I find online for my website?” Here’s the issue:


Legal Consequences:


Using a photo without the proper license can lead to copyright infringement issues.

This can result in hefty fines and damage to your brand’s reputation.


Lack of Originality:


Using generic photos can make your website look unoriginal and may not align with your brand’s unique identity.


Quality Concerns:


Randomly sourced images might not be of high resolution or quality, leading to a less professional appearance.

For more information on the legal aspects, read our article on Website and Commercial Photography Licensing.


product photography for brand awareness
product photography for online businesses


Investing in Photography for Websites


As a product photographer based in Maryland, I can attest to the transformative power of professional photos.

Whether it’s stop motion animation or crisp product shots, the right image can elevate your brand.

Here’s why you should consider investing:


Brand Identity:


Tailored images and product photos reflect your brand’s ethos, establishing trust and recognition.


User Engagement:


High-quality visuals can keep visitors on your site longer, encouraging them to explore more.


Conversion Boost:


Clear product photos for website use can increase sales by giving potential buyers a better look at what they’re purchasing.


I’ve been in the web design business for over 25 years and there’s nothing more important to ecommerce than sharp product photography. Tom creates product images that are not just eye-catching and professional, but break convention and make the product appear to be in-action. I recommend Tom to my clients that sell products online. Too many use their own phones or cameras and put up substandard images, and good product photography is a necessity to trigger the response to purchase.

Randy Goldstein


Headshot for website - Maryland Photographer
Professional headshot for website
Team headshot for website

Professional Headshots For Websites Help Consumers Relate To Your Business.

Types of Photos and How to Use Them


There are various types of photos you can consider for different sections of your website:



Large, beautiful images that set the tone for your website.

They can be products, your business, landscapes, abstract shots, or somehow relevant to your industry.




These are usually banner-sized photos that appear at the top of a webpage.

They can convey the purpose of the page or highlight a specific product or service.




Professional headshots are more than photos for websites.

You can use them on social media, LinkedIn and industry websites.

They can also be used in the author block of blog articles and are perfect for news releases.


Blog Article Images & Features:


Feature images highlight the article content and show up on the blog’s main page.

They help to induce the click so people will read your article.

In article relevant images break up the text in your articles, making them more engaging and shareable.




Clear, high-resolution product photos for website sales pages.

These often include multiple angles and sometimes even 360-degree views.


Social Media:


Engaging shots tailored for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest can drive traffic back to your site.

e-commerce professional photos for website
etsy product photography


Purchase Images for Website Use


If you’re not ready to invest in custom photography, consider purchasing stock images for website use.

These are typically generic photos that come with the proper licensing for commercial use.

Just be sure they align with your brand’s tone and message.


Want To Learn More About Professional Website Photos?


When you feel it may be time to purchase images for website use, remember the importance of high-quality, relevant photography.

It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about building a brand, telling a story, and connecting with your audience.

Consider the true value of professional shots.

It’s an investment in your brand’s future.

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