Really creative social media product marketing ideas can change the playing field.

Let’s face it, standing out on social media isn’t easy.

People have the attention span of a goldfish, and they are bombarded with ads, videos and music every day.

Since we know the viral aspect of social media propels sales, the question is … how do we grab attention beyond goldfish status?

Not to worry, I have the hook!


Entertaining, Educating & Selling With Social Media Marketing


When you can infuse creativity, humor and visual appeal into content, you can entertain and engage your target audience.

So each of these creative marketing ideas will point you on that path. That said – let’s get started:

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Ten Social Media Product Marketing Ideas To Increase Views And Sales …

1. The Product Showdown


Create a playful competition between your products.

If you are old enough, you may remember the Bud Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday.

Two of their beers were facing off in a football game, and viewers could cheer for their favorite.


With the recent Bud Lite marketing fiasco, they both are on the sidelines now, but the concept is still solid and you can make it your own.

Maybe two of your products could be in a wrestling match, ski racing, running a marathon, or playing a game of tic-tac-toe.


This is a great marketing idea that can be played out using stop motion animation.

Encourage your market to choose a side and support their product in this match.

The theme can be several posts long with cliff hangers that have people following and returning to see what will happen.


2. Product Adventures


People love stories, so give them one about your product!

Tell a visual story of your product’s journey from the beginning until it reaches the hands of a consumer who loves it.

Add some whimsey, give the product feelings that people can relate with.


It isn’t easy to make an inanimate object appear to have feelings, but that is part of the unexpected.

It makes this a truly creative social media concept.


Need some ideas?

Think of a poor puppy at the pound and how it gets it’s hopes up, worries it won’t be selected, and then finds a forever home with a loving family.


3. Time Lapse Transformation


Imagine a video that shows a time lapse of the raw ingredients or original state through to a visually stunning final result.

Think an oatmeal and honey skin cleaner that starts as oats with honey poured in.

The mixture rises and combines into the final packaged product which is then opened and used by a model.


Or how about a fallen tree in the forest from which emerges a wooden wrist watch.

This could be morphed from the tree, or the viewer could follow a trail from the tree being cut, machined, getting gears and the final image of the beautiful watch.


4. Popular Parodies


Grab the trends and popular culture ideas creating parodies with your products.

It adds an extra touch that your target audience will enjoy.


5. Nobody Is Perfect


People love blooper reels, from movie and television show outtakes with their favorite actors to the local newsperson who screws up.

For awhile, there was a whole television show dedicated to blooper reels.

So share some light-hearted outtakes from previous commercial shoots and product reels.

It not only makes your brand human, it makes your product even more desireable.


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How am I doing?


Did you enjoy the first five ideas? If so, share this article with your friends on social media or your marketing team.  

But I’m not done … these next five social media marketing concepts are dynamite too!


More Social Media Product Marketing Ideas


6. Artistic Product Interpretations


Work with artists and illustrators to create collaborative artworks of your product.

They should combine different mediums to get wildly stunning results.

Imagine your product created out of marshmallow peeps, or as a Picaso or Andy Warhol painting.

These take your product out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.


7. Spot The Difference


Create two similar photos of your product with some slight changes.

Post them together and invite people to try and spot all the differences, then comment telling you what they are.

This is a fun game that keeps their eyes on your product longer and encourages interaction.

And by the way – eyes on and interaction tell the social media algorithm to push your post to a wider audience!


8. Outside The Box


Make a list of all the ways you can use product, with an emphasis on outside the box thinking.

These can be legitimate uses that consumers may not have thought of, or they could be tounge in cheek. (Like it makes a good doorstop.)

This could end up being a series that you feature on your social media marketing schedule weekly.


9. Guess The Sound

Record different sounds associated with your product.

For example, a hair care product could be:

popped open,
• squirted into the hand,
• sat on a counter,
• dropped in the shower,
• rubbed in the hair,
• rinsed out

Challenge your followers to guess which product is making the sound and what it is doing.

This adds an extra auditory element to your social media content.


10. Product Memes


Memes are popular and there is no reason you can’t get a piece of that spotlight!

Using your products as central characters, create funny, relatable memes.

Capitalize on popular trends. This creates sharable content that spreads your brand message even further.



The Social Media Product Marketing Idea Iceburg


This is just the tip of the creative social media product marketing ideas’ iceburg.

With grabbing consumer attention getting harder every day, it is time to start thinking differently.

If you found these product marketing ideas helpful, let me know!


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