By Tom Crowl, Maryland-Based Product Photographer


Frame by frame animation, an age-old technique, has now taken the product marketing world by storm.

In today’s digital age, marketers and businesses are constantly looking for innovative ways to stand out.

As a product photographer with a penchant for creating compelling narratives, I’ve seen firsthand how frame by frame animation, particularly in stop motion format, can revolutionize advertising visuals.

And, if you are interested in learning more about using frame by frame animation for products marketing, you are in the right place.


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Understanding Frame by Frame Animation


At its essence, frame by frame animation involves capturing individual photographs or frames and then sequencing them to create the illusion of motion.

This meticulous method has been reimagined for products, offering a dynamic and attention-grabbing approach to traditional product displays.


Why Frame by Frame Animation is Transforming Product Marketing


1. Unparalleled Engagement:


Frame by frame animation, especially in the realm of photo motion, captivates audiences.

The meticulous detail and effort that goes into creating each animation ensures that your audience stops and watches.


2. Tells Your Brand Story:


This type of motion image isn’t just about movement; it’s about narrative.

Frame by frame animations can depict product features, showcase brand ethos, and even convey the culture behind a brand.


3. Versatile Across Platforms:


From animated GIFs in email campaigns to product animations on social media, frame by frame techniques have vast applications.


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The Craft Behind the Camera: My Approach To Frame By Frame Stop Motion Animation


1. Tailored to Your Brand:


Understanding your brand’s narrative is paramount.

By delving into your brand’s mission and culture, each frame by frame animation is tailored to resonate with your audience.


2. Precision in Every Frame:


Utilizing Canon cameras, specialized lenses, and the Dragonframe software, every frame is captured to perfection, ensuring smooth animations.


3. Expert Post-Production:


Each frame undergoes detailed editing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

The sequenced frames are then animated in Final Cut Pro, ready to be transformed into video clips or animated GIFs.


Experience the Frame by Frame Magic

Jackson’s Food Company Stop Motion Video

Dive into the world of Jackson Foods with a detailed frame by frame animation showcasing their Sweet Potato Chips.

Tom is an incredibly talented creative partner. The stop motion video he developed brought our brand to life in a way that highlighted our products in a fun and energetic way. He is a wonderful collaborator and quick to deliver!

Stephanie W.

Director of Marketing, Jackson's Food Company



Miribel Naturals Frame By Frame

Miribel Naturals, a hair care brand from Maryland, comes alive through engaging product animations.

This is one of three stop motion Instagram reels I created for their social media.


I’m so glad I found Tom for my product photos. He was incredibly easy to work with – from the initial phone call to making a mood board, to a quick turnaround time with all my edited images. The final images were exactly what I was looking for and he nailed the vibe of my brand.

Jaclyn G.

Founder, Miribel Naturals

Frame by Frame Animation is the Future of Product Marketing


In the world of product marketing, frame by frame animation offers a fresh perspective.

It’s not just about showcasing a product, but about telling its story, creating a connection and leaving a lasting impression.


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