You see white background product photos everywhere. Why? They seem so simple and unexciting.

Still, white background product photos have become the standard image style for e-commerce. Websites like Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart and others want them. There has to be a good reason … and there is.


Why white background photos work online.

on white product photos banner

Unlike a physical shopping experience, e-commerce offers the consumer no real contact with a product. Shoppers have to rely on photos to understand what they are buying.

White background images make it clear. There are no other distractions, just the product. Showing your product from various angles, consumers can examine what you are selling. Both detail shots and zoom capability allow them to see the construction and quality.

The better the quality and variety of your white background images, the better chance of your shopper hitting the buy button. (If that product is what they are looking for.)

Allowing consumers a clear look at what you sell also helps to reduce returns. Let’s face it, returns cost your company money, so investing in white background e-commerce photos can help stem that expense.

Other reasons e-commerce sites prefer white backgrounds.

Product on white photos allow the images to blend with the white website background. This creates a more attractive search results and product page welcomes.

Why white? Because it is crisp, clean, bright and inviting. All things you want in any store, physical or e-commerce.

Products on a simple white background.

You would think that these would be the easiest product photos to take. If so, you would be wrong. There is a lot that goes into creating a photo of a product on pure white.

Lighting is instrumental for correct exposure. You want the background to be a pure, RGB: 255, 255, 255. Simple, turn up the lights, right? Wrong again.

By exposing a white background to bright light, you chance over exposing the image. Light bounces off white surfaces. This can cause “spill” onto your product, which causes your image to be too bright and look flat.

Properly lit white background photos cause your product to pop off the page. It requires understanding how to light the product and background in a way that separates them.

Taking white background product photos means lighting the scene for your specific item. Reflective items must be lit different from non-reflective product. It is more than buying a “light tent” and using your iPhone to take these images.

products on white background

More product images on white.

Having a few different product on white photos from different angles is a must. Still, adding some variety is a must to help consumers make a purchasing decision.

Other on white photos could include your product packaging. If you have spent time designing and creating a packaging look, these can help establish your brand and show consumers what they will receive.

Info-graphics look great on a white background. You can point out the features of your product and offer sizing information or comparisons.

Selling cosmetics? Cosmetic smears are popular for beauty products. Offering textures on white can create compelling imagery.

Other benefits of product on white photography.

When you hire a product photographer, getting cut-outs or clipped images should also be considered. Since they are producing your product on a solid white background, adding cut-outs at that time can save you money. These are extremely useful for e-commerce businesses.

A cut-out or clipped image is your product on no background. These PNG images can be placed on any color or background you want. They come in handy for websites, ads and creating social media content too.

As you can see, white background product photos are important image assets to have for any e-commerce business. Photography sells products online, so don’t skimp, invest in your company’s online presence.

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