You’ve poured your heart into every grape, every bottle of wine, and every glass—shouldn’t your winery’s website and advertising photos reflect that passion?

As a wine photographer specializing in vineyard photography, serving Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, I take the time to understand the unique narrative of each winery I photograph.

It is then a matter of working with you to capture the elements that make your winery unique and share the news of your wines with the world.


Wine photography in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.


From Produce to People to Places—I Capture it All Through My Wine Photography Lens


Produce: Offering Your Customers a Glimpse Into the Journey


You’re intimately familiar with the path from the vine to the wine glass, but your customers are fascinated by the chance to get a behind-the-scenes look.

As a wine photographer, I specialize in capturing your intricate winemaking process throughly with artful photography.

We’ll tell the tale of nurtured vines, meticulously harvested grapes, and masterful fermentation.

Every image is executed with the same care and attention you pour into each bottle of wine.


People: The Unsung Heroes


From the vineyard keepers to the winemakers to the servers in your wine tasting room, people are the heart and soul of your winery.

My storytelling photography will capture them through the lens, turning each click into a narrative and introducing your staff to your clients.

And if Fido or Whiskers roam your estate, their tales get captured too in pet-friendly photography. Soon you’ll find people visiting just to meet your fur babies!


Tasting Room Server at Winery


Places: More Than Scenery

Your winery is’t a venue; it’s a sanctuary for wine lovers.

Let my photography services cover the architectural beauty of the winery, the picturesque vineyards, and ambient tasting rooms too.

They’ll look like something out of Wine Spectator magazine by the time we’re finished!


Wine Photographer takes unusual image of wine bottle hanging from ceiling for Valentine's Day.
high resolution beverage photography


Why Professional Photography is a Must for Every Winery Website


Sure, your new camera phone might take decent pictures at family gatherings and for social media content, but do you really trust it to encapsulate the essence of your wine brand?

A great winery deserves professional wine photography, and this is where I come in as your go-to wine photographer for Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Getting the imagery right for your winery isn’t a quick come in and take a couple of commercial photos. It takes time, the best things always do.

But luckily, I love wine, AND I have a passion for what I do, two things that probably influenced your decision to start a winery in the first place!


Red Wine splash photo
Freakshow Cabernet Wine - floating bottle photo.
Apothic Red Wine


Frequently Asked Questions


What sets you apart from other wine photographers?


What truly distinguishes my approach to wine photography is the attention to the intricate details that make your winery unique.

I don’t want you to end up with images of wine bottles and vineyards, I want to capture the feeling, the care and the soul of your winery in a way that speaks to the wine loving public.

From the vine to the tasting room, your wine will come to life through carefully composed, high-quality images. I promise.


How can you help my winery stand out online?


In a world where everyone has a camera in their pocket, professional photography has never been more crucial for standing out.

My photographs don’t just showcase your wine; they tell the story of your brand, your people, and the journey of each bottle.

By doing so, they elevate your online presence, providing a visual experience that captivates potential customers and sets you apart from competitors.


What are your rates and packages?


Packages start just under $2,000 and are tailored to meet your specific needs.

All images come retouched, edited, and ready to impress.

You’ll receive both high-resolution and web-optimized images.

Best of all, every package includes unlimited commercial licensing of the photos, giving you the freedom to use them however you see fit.

And even better … I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the final images.  (Which means I work even harder to make sure you love your wine photos!)


wine photographer freezes wine pour using high powered flash.


Ready to Tell Your Winery’s Story Through My Lens?


Don’t let your winery’s story go untold.

Capture every wine moment—from the vine to the tasting room—with specialized wine photography.

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