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My Journey into Product Photography

I want to give you a peek behind the scenes of a product photography photoshoot.

Some have the impression that all you need to do is have a fancy camera and click a button.

It couldn’t be further from the truth!

Product shots, especially in a studio setting, are unique – they demand creativity and precision.

The biggest challenge?

Creating an image that’s both on-brand and captivating.

Behind the scenes of a product photography shoot - the prep work is done by the time the products arrive.

Setting the Stage: Behind the Scenes Still Life Product Photography

Every shoot starts with meticulous planning. Mood boards. Vibrant discussions. Detailed shot lists.

This is the essence of behind the scenes still life product photography.

Once the product arrives at the studio, the magic begins.

Props, artistic backdrops, and my dependable equipment await their turn.

Godox Lighting? Ready.

Natural light? Perfect.

And for those mesmerizing stop motions? Aperture Lights are my go-to.

Matching and enhancing a brand’s essence is always the goal, and my Canon R6 Camera, paired with a 24-70 mm and a 100mm Macro lens, ensures that.

Above: Healthy, natural chips on a plate, of course I’ll take a handful!

The Hunger Games: Food Photography – Behind the Scenes

When it comes to food, the aim is clear: evoke hunger!

Food photography, particularly in a studio, has its quirks.

Snacks, my forte, need to look as delectable as they taste.

This often means putting them front and center of a still life setting that consumers will define as a snacking situation.

It helps them to see themselves reaching for the food.

Which means it will be more likely to be purchased for their next snacking event.

For fresh cuisines, roping in a chef and stylist is a game-changer.

They ensure every dish looks straight out of a gourmet magazine.

This clip went viral on Instagram with over 20 watch hours!

Crafting Art: Still Life vs. Stop Motion

Still life photography is all about capturing perfection in a frame.

Stop motion? It’s where patience meets creativity.

Maintaining consistent lighting and framing is paramount, especially when capturing behind the scenes stop motion animation.

One of my most intricate animations needed a staggering 465 images, each lovingly edited. Frame by frame the animation was formed into a seamless dance.

Check out the clip below to see exactly how detailed some stop motion animations can be behind the scenes.


Revolutionary Photography: The 360° Spin Photography Interactive Image

A study showed that people tend to stay on product pages longer when the page features 360° Spin Photography.

This area of product photography isn’t offered by every photographer, but I’m proud to say that I do provide interactive spin photographs for clients.

Below you can see a video of me photographing an extremely reflective shoe.  I had to put white foam core boards all over to block out reflections and light flares.  You will also see the final result.


Want to see the image and interact with it yourself?  Just visit my 360° Spin Photography page and you can interact with several images and learn more about this fascinating photography.

Golden Nuggets for Aspiring Photographers

Ready to dive into studio product photography or behind the scenes still life product photography?

Start now.

Your gear is just a tool.

Learn to use what you have, don’t complain you don’t have the right equipment!

You can upgrade later – what is important is your vision!

That’s the masterpiece.


Check out these behind the scenes product photoshoots:

E-commerce’s Best Friend: Authentic Product Photography

With e-commerce booming, authentic product photos are gold.

While AI-generated images are emerging, genuine shots build trust.

I limit myself to only work with a handful of brands monthly.

This allows me to understand their essence, needs, and goals, which ensures top-tier shots every time.

I’m also able to maintain a fast turn around and highly personalized service.

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Coming Soon – Behind The Scenes of Product Photography Editing

Now that you have seen what happens in the studio, you may enjoy seeing how the images go from camera to client and the editing process I use to make sure your products are pristine!

Behind the scenes of product photography editing will be added to this article soon!


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