Behind the Lens: Meet the Best Product Photographers on Instagram

Photographers and Creatives,

Hit a creative wall planning your upcoming product photo shoot? We’ve all been there.

You know that stellar visuals can make or break a brand, capturing attention and converting it into sales.

And if you want to help people make those sales, you need to overcome your creative block.

One way to do this is to be open to constant growth and learning.

For that reason, I’ve curated a list of Instagram accounts that can serve as your on-the-go mentor, classroom, and source of inspiration.

Get ready to fuel your creativity, because these are accounts you should not only follow, but engage with, learn from, and let inspire you.

Note: This listing is in no particular order!  They all deserve to be first in my opinion! 

PS – Don’t forget to bookmark this page, because I will occasionally update with even more incredible and inspiring photographers.

Daniel Ray: Artisan of Atmosphere


The goal of this article is to share photographers that will inspire you. That said, I start with a photographer who is a true artist in every sense of the word. Daniel  is a commercial & editorial food, beverage and portrait photographer. His work is absolutely incredible.

Some say food and beverage photography are separate from product photography, but honestly, restaurants, bars, distillers, brewers, stores, food services and many more sell food and beverage.  It is a product.

If you don’t find Daniel’s work absolutely breath-taking, you might as well leave this list now. laughing



Claire Cessi: The Master of Multiple Genres


From food and beverages to brands and products, Claire excels in every photographic arena. Her Instagram feed is a gallery of next-level work that never fails to inspire. She shares a lot of behind the scenes clips in her stories too. Check her account out and see for yourself!



Andreas Flaming: The Videographic Virtuoso


For those interested in both photography and videography, Andreas’ account is a must-visit. His camera techniques make products spring to life in a way that makes you need them in your life.

Andreas  shares:  “I recommend getting the necessary equipment first, sliders would be good for a start and the follow focus system, you also have to have a cine lens, if you have that, try the equipment, it didn’t work for me right away either. Just try something and the ideas come while working.”



Maria Squires: The Queen of Color


I asked Maria what inspires her work:

“Generally, I love bright, saturated colors and a feeling of never-ending summer. However, every project is different and has its own inspiration based on the features of the product and the message I convey through the imagery.”

If you love vibrant, bright, and unique images, you’ll find a lot to love in Maria’s feed.


Honeyhoney Media: Maestros of Marketing Media


Sister duo Jenny and Emily are the powerhouse team behind Honeyhoney Media. They specialize in digital product photography, stop motion and eye-catching video content that’s impossible to scroll past.

Jenny has a knack for viral visuals, having accumulated millions of views and likes on Instagram and Tik Tok.  Add in Emily’s extensive experience in brand marketing for Fortune 500 companies, and they’ve fused their talents to create something truly special.

Their Instagram feed is an inspiring mix of behind-the-scenes footage and expertly crafted videos. Let their work light up your day and your marketing strategies.



Oliver Howells – Creative Powerhouse


Based in the Isle of Wight, UK, Oliver Howells is a creative photographer who commands a massive following across multiple social media platforms.

With over 800K followers and millions of likes and views, Oliver’s creative flair is both undeniable and influential. Whether it’s captivating photos on Instagram or viral photography content on TikTok, he has inspired millions worldwide with his unique approach to the craft.

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, Oliver is the artist to follow.



Pieta Productions: Crafting Grand Visions For Big Impacts

Based in Chicago, Chris of Pieta Productions made a career pivot during the pandemic to become a product photographer. With over 50 clients under his belt, his work demonstrates the creative possibilities of someone willing to follow their dreams.

Chris says of his company: “Pieta Productions exists to help food and beverage brands increase brand awareness and sales through creative photo and stop-motion content. We believe storytelling is done best through beautiful photos and videos. We step in, build a content plan, and execute.”

In addition to his client work, he operates an educational platform, @chrispieta, offering invaluable insights for aspiring photographers and entrepreneurs. Having taken his course, I can vouch for its quality—don’t miss the chance to level up your skills.

Of his education business and service Chris said: “My mission is to provide accessible business education for creatives. There are a lot of struggling photographers and videographers out there. With some business skills, more creatives will be able to live their dream lives.”

And he definitely lives up to that mission! Oh, I almost forgot –  you’ll want to check out his YouTube channel too!  (The link should be in his @chrispieta profile.)



Amanda Campeanu: The Virtuoso of Versatility


Amanda’s Instagram is a treasure trove of editing tips, behind-the-scenes peeks, and so much more.

She also offers a comprehensive course called ‘Become a Brand Photographer’, and her YouTube channel is nothing short of a digital classroom.

Amanda shares her source of inspiration:

“When I start working with a client I always look to the brand themselves for inspiration. We look at their website copy, who their target customer is, colour palette, their personality, and most importantly the story they want to tell with their images.”

Whether it’s lifestyle shoots, model photography, or videos, Amanda covers it all, making her Instagram a one-stop-shop for product photography insights.  (Links to her course and YouTube channel are available through her profile!)



Anna Kevorkian: The Silent Gem


Though inactive since 2022, Anna’s breathtaking jewelry photography is a testament to her skill. You should definitely study her work. I sincerely hope she returns to posting soon.



Bethie Martin: The Design Diva


Bethie’s Instagram is more than just a portfolio; it’s a lesson in design. Her creativity knows no bounds, making her a must-follow for design and composition enthusiasts.



Julia Ilkova: The Eye-Catcher

Julia’s work is a visual feast, teaching the viewer how to direct their attention through the intelligent use of color and composition. She has so much going on in her images that how she brings you to focus on the subject is worthy of study.



Alessandro Bitto: Italy’s Emerging Talent


Though relatively new to Instagram, Alessandro’s clean and eye-catching work is already gaining attention.

I asked Alessandro where he gets his inspirations:

“I draw inspiration for my work from renowned artists in our field, particularly Karl Taylor. His style and way of explaining things resonate with me. I’m eager to learn from anyone who can contribute, without harboring envy or a desire to outshine others. I’m so passionate about this that I even dedicate my holidays to it (although my girlfriend isn’t as thrilled). This sector thrives on creativity, which I find fascinating.”

He also wanted to share some advice:

“To those reading, even during tough times without clients when the world feels daunting, I urge you not to give up. Keep pushing forward with confidence, and eventually, you’ll overcome.”

Be sure to get on board and follow Bitto Studios before everyone else does!



Ursula Krause: The Scholar of Style

Ursula combines bright, beautifully styled images with education. She also offers a course on product photography that even seasoned photographers can learn something from.



Vira Aguirre: The Curator of Captivation


When you visit Vira Aguirre’s Instagram, you’re not just scrolling through pictures; you’re witnessing art in action. Her compositions are meticulously crafted masterpieces that do more than just display a product—they tell a story.

Vira says:

“I get inspired by different things at different random times, sometimes I’ll be walking in the park, seen some pretty branches and the ideas pop up in my head. Majority brands I work with provide a creative brief or direct instructions on what exactly they want, so it make my job easier. It’s that simple!”

Her varied styling—from flat lays to fashion—ensures that her work captivates a wide audience. Her account is on the cusp of exploding, so be a part of it before the rest of the world catches on.



Kim Diaz: The Accessory Ace


Kim’s watch and jewelry images are nothing short of inspiring. In fact, so it the rest of his work. His posts have a timeless quality that resonates with all who appreciate fine details.



Jasmine of Visible Visions: The Infrequent Inspiration


Though she doesn’t post regularly, but when she does post – you won’t want to miss it! Jasmine’s image styling and educational content make her an account worth following. 



Juan Pedro: The Artist Among Us


Not a product photographer per se, but he is definitely a photographer and his every capture is art, inspiring many—including me—with his unique perspective. His lighting is supreme – study it!

I asked Juan how he became inspired for his work. He repied:

“Me gustaría decirte que mi inspiración proviene de las flores, la naturaleza y la sonrisa de mi esposa… pero la verdad es que simplemente miro cientos de fotos de otros colegas e intento adivinar los ajustes de la cámara o las luces que usan, y luego intento aplicarlo a mis propias fotos. El trabajo duro y la dedicación son mi inspiración.”

For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, I had ChatGPT convert that and it reads:

” I would like to tell you that my inspiration comes from flowers, nature, and my wife’s smile… but the truth is that I just look at hundreds of photos from other colleagues and try to guess the camera settings or the lights they use, and then try to apply it to my own photos. Hard work and dedication are my inspiration.”



Interested In Stop Motion Animation? Here Are Some Accounts You Will Love!


Huddl Studio: The Stop-Motion Maestros


When it comes to the art of stop-motion photography, Huddl Studio is a name you should know. This husband-and-wife team, Emily and Steven, have perfected their craft.

Emily says: “I find it to be such a privilege to tell stories through stop motion. When I sit down to animate, my mind becomes pleasantly absorbed in the repetitive tasks and gets lost in the fun of it. I have a curiosity that drives me to try new movements and see what unfolds. It’s so exciting to watch your hard work come to life when you play back your animation and see the movement take form. 😄”

This Instagram isn’t just a portfolio; it’s a behind-the-scenes look into the intricacies of lighting, editing, and even the business side of photography. As a member of their Huddl Creative Club, I can vouch for the invaluable resources they offer, making this account a must-follow for anyone interested in stop motion.



Alina: The Artist of Animation


If you’re seeking inspiration beyond conventional product photography, Alina’s Instagram account is where you should be. She brings a distinctive artistic flair to stop motion, turning everyday items into characters of their own story. Her creative genius makes her an account worth following for a burst of inspiration.



Colette Peri: The Animator of Atmosphere


Colette Peri’s expertise lies in weaving stop-motion magic around live-action video, turning mundane settings into animated stages. As an artist, speaker, and educator, her Instagram offers a trifecta of inspiration, education, and motivation.

Her works are not just visually compelling; they’re lessons in creativity, making her an essential follow for anyone looking to spice up their content with animation.



Get Inspired By These Food and Beverage Photographers!



Steve Cancel: The Craft Beer Connoisseur


Whether you’re into beverage photography or just a fan of craft beer, Steve’s creative captures and extensive glassware collection are worth checking out.  IMHO – Steve is so creative!

I asked Steve about his source of inspiration and creativity. He told me:

“What inspires me is, as a trained illustrator and artist and a marketing director by day, photography has been a creative outlet for me. It’s my way of getting my creative juices out and tell my story. The other thing I love is the constant learning, I’m always learning new things and seeking information. That constant discovery is everything.”

So take his advice: go discover his profile and be sure to follow Steve so you can catch all his images!


Andrés Retana: The Flavor Photographer


Andrés’ photographs aren’t just pleasing to the eye; they tickle the taste buds too. Each of his stills captures the essence of the dish, making you wish you could reach into the frame and take a bite.



Oliver Nemcovsky: The Vibrant Newcomer


With his striking use of color, Oliver is a name you’ll want to remember. His account is young but the work is seasoned; (sorry for the pun …) keep an eye on him.



Ekaterina: Time-Traveling Food Artist?


Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, Ekaterina is a maestro of dark food photography. Her meticulously crafted images evoke a sense of timelessness, as if she’s captured culinary art through a lens that transcends eras.

With an old-world vibe that’s both enchanting and deeply atmospheric, Ekaterina is a must-follow for those who appreciate the rich tapestry of food photography.

Her creative displays are so well thought out, she is definitely one of my all time favorites!

She’s also the creative force behind @foodphoto_bazar, another treasure trove for food photography enthusiasts.



Joanie Simon: Culinary Craftswoman and Educator Extraordinaire


For a deep dive into the world of food photography, look no further than Joanie Simon. With an Instagram feed brimming with invaluable tips, tricks, and advice, she’s the go-to source for mastering the art of capturing culinary delights. Also check out her educational YouTube channel. Follow Joanie to spice up your food photography skills and perhaps discover the course that takes you to the next level.



Tools, Techniques, Engagement & Inspiration

By following these accounts, you’ll keep your finger on the pulse of contemporary product photography, gain invaluable insights, and discover new techniques and trends.

Now, go ahead and follow them, and if you don’t mind, give me a follow too! 


Tom Crowl: The Old Guy Behind The Lens


I offer glimpses into my work life through behind-the-scenes looks at shoots, stills from my portfolio, and occasional tips and ideas.


In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, stagnation is your worst enemy.

These Instagram accounts offer more than inspiration; if you study them, you can learn how to elevate your product photography to professional levels.

So, give them a follow, dig deeper into their content, and watch your own skills flourish.


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Have you tried any of the techniques shared by these creators?

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