Discover how top-notch product photography can boost your e-commerce business to new heights


Standing apart from competitors is important to the success of an e-commerce brand.

High quality, eye-catching product photos is a proven way to do that.

So let’s take a look at how you can succeed in creating the best product photography for e-commerce.


Why Product Photography Matters in E-Commerce


Product photography plays a crucial role in the customer’s decision-making process.

It helps potential buyers visualize the product and gauge its value.

Great product images can:

  • Create a strong first impression
  • Showcase product features and details
  • Enhance brand identity
  • Reduce customer concerns and increase trust
  • Encourage social sharing
  • Keep people on your product page longer


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Choosing the Right Equipment


To achieve the best product photography for e-commerce, you need to invest in the right equipment. Consider the following:


Camera: A DSLR or mirrorless camera with manual settings and a high-resolution sensor is ideal.


Lenses: Choose a lens with a focal length between 50-100mm for minimal distortion and sharp details.


Tripod: A sturdy tripod ensures stability, reducing the risk of camera shake.


Lighting: Soft, diffused lighting (such as lightboxes or umbrellas) helps create a professional look.


Nailing the Perfect Composition


Great composition makes a world of difference in your product photography. Follow these tips for best results:


Fill the frame: Ensure the product fills a significant portion of the frame without being cut off.

Amazon images require 80% of the frame be filled.

To read more about Amazon photography read this article:

Professional Photography For Amazon Listings

Rule of thirds: Place key elements along the imaginary lines dividing the frame into thirds.

Think of it as a tic tac toe grid with the strongest positions on the crossing points of the lines.

Angles: Experiment with different angles to showcase the product in the best light and highlight important features.

Hero images should have the camera a below the center of the product so it is looking up to the product.

Other angles are used to create depth in the image so it doesn’t look flat.

Background: Use simple, uncluttered backgrounds that don’t distract from the product.


e-commerce product photography

Mastering The Edit


Editing your product photos is just as important as taking them. Here is what the pros do:


Exposure: I always begin with white balance.

Depending on the look you want, you can make photos warmer, or cooler.

Then I adjust brightness and contrast to make the product stand out.

Color correction: Always check to make sure your colors are accurate.

This helps keep things consistent across all of your images.

Cropping: Remove any unnecessary elements or distractions.

During this process you also want to make certain your product image is level.

A product photo that is off level looks strange to people viewing them.

Retouching: Finally, it is important to do retouching.

Remove dust, blemishes, and imperfections.

They aren’t noticed in a live setting, but on a photo, they really stand out.

Do this to present your product in its best condition.

Optimizing for SEO


The best product photography for e-commerce helps you to be found during web searches.

To rank your images on the first page of Google, you must optimize your images for SEO:


File name: Use descriptive, keyword-rich file names.

Don’t use a product number, but something like: postage-stamp-meter.jpg.

Tell search engines what it is!

Alt text: Add a brief, keyword-focused description of the image for accessibility and search engine indexing.


File size: Compress images without sacrificing quality to improve site loading speed.

This is extremely important. You want images to load fast, but still be high quality to show off the products favorably.

Image sitemap: Include an image sitemap in your website’s XML sitemap to help search engines discover your images.


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Achieving the best product photography for e-commerce takes work.

It is a combination of the right equipment, composition, editing, and SEO optimization.

By implementing these tips, you’ll create stunning product images that captivate your audience.

So enhance your brand, and boost your online sales!

Go, get your camera ready and start capturing the essence of your products today!


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