The Myth of Fast and Cheap Product Photography


Have you ever heard the phrase “You get what you pay for?” In the world of product photography, this couldn’t be more accurate. The lure of product photographers with fast turnaround times and cheap product photography may seem appealing.  In reality, it often leads to generic images that fall short of conveying your brand’s unique essence.


Why is that? Fast and cheap often means outsourcing—sometimes to far-off places where language barriers and time zone differences can hinder the communication necessary to truly understand and capture your brand’s vibe. The result? Images that just don’t hit the mark.


It’s known as the Iron Triangle of Service, Good, Cheap and Fast – you can only have two.  If you want:

Fast and Cheap, it isn’t going to be Good.

Good and Cheap, it isn’t going to be Fast.

Good and Fast, it isn’t going to be Cheap.

But it can be reasonable.

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The Value of Personal Attention and In-House Production


How then can you ensure high-quality images with a quick turnaround? The answer lies in personal attention and in-house production.


Limiting the number of clients I take on each week allows me to focus fully on each project and ensures that all interactions are with me—I get to know your brand, your goals, and your needs, thereby producing photos that tell your unique story.


From my private home studio, I take care of every step from shooting to editing. No outsourcing. No miscommunication. Just tailored, top-notch images delivered fast.


Case in Point: Miribel Naturals


A recent project for Miribel Naturals is an excellent example of my speedy yet meticulous process. The shoot was completed, edited, and delivered within eight days, with the owner so delighted with the results that she purchased extra images from the proof gallery.


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The Danger of Rush Jobs


Think of a time when you rushed to complete a task. Sure, you met the deadline, but did the result hold up over time? Similarly, in product photography, speed without attention to detail can lead to images that might work “for now” but will probably disappoint in the long run.


I prioritize getting things done right the first time, meeting your deadlines without compromising the quality of your images.


Understanding Turnaround Times in the Industry


Turnaround times in the photography industry can vary wildly. Some photographers might promise near-instant results, while others may need weeks, even months, to deliver your images.


By working with a limited number of clients, I can offer a turnaround time that’s both fast and flexible. And if I can’t meet your needs, I’ll recommend other talented photographers who can

A Smooth and Transparent Process


My process begins with a consultation to ensure we’re on the same page. I even provide a mood board within 24 hours to help visualize the final result. A pre-production call before the shoot ensures every required shot is captured.


As your project progresses, I keep you updated through your private online Client Portal. You’ll know exactly what’s happening every step of the way.


Ready for High-Quality Images, Fast?


If you need a product photographer with a fast turnaround who won’t compromise on quality, fill out the form below to arrange an introductory call. Let’s discuss your project and see if my services are the right fit for your needs.


Remember, good things may come to those who wait, but better things come to those who act. So, why wait? Let’s start telling your brand’s story, one stunning image at a time.

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