Oasis Humidifiers manufactures and sells humidifiers for wooden stringed instruments. In dry climates, violins, guitars, mandolins, basses and ukuleles can crack. The humidifiers help prevent this.

Based in Maryland, the owner of the company, Dave, approached my friend Randy Goldstein of BizMarquee to build his new e-commerce website.

The images on their old site were basically thumbnails and consisted of all sorts of odd sizes. Knowing that product photos can make or break sales, Randy recommended my services to Dave and introduced us.

Oasis Humidifiers
Ecommerce Website Photo
ecommerce photos

In addition to shooting white background ecommerce photos, I also created some lifestyle scenes of the products in use and in instrument cases.

Dave was also looking for a unique specialty shot. He liked my image of a ginger ale can floating underwater, and wanted me to create something along those lines.

Humidifiers and water go together so I created a couple of different looks for the company’s social media.

Another part of the project was a stop motion clip of the humidifier shrinking as it releases the water vapor. That is how customers can tell when the humidifier needs a refill.

I managed to get an old guitar and cut a hole in the end and side. This allowed me to place a camera at one hole and use the other to light the inside of the guitar.

Product Photoshoot
Behind the scenes of a product photoshoot
Since it takes about a week for the humidifier to release the water, I used my backup camera, a Canon 5D MarkIV to shoot this. That way I wouldn’t need to move the setup.

Oasis ended up with over 50 hi-res product photos, along with web sized for their site and social media. It was a pleasure to shoot for them since Dave trusted my experience and eye. That gave me plenty of space to create some great e-commerce product images.

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I love working with companies and businesses to create unique photographs to help raise brand awareness and increase your sales!

You may see the new OasisHumidifiers.com website here.
Please note I did not shoot all of the images on the site.

I have used a number of commercial photographers over the years for my business, Oasis, Inc. While all of the photographers were competent, Tom Crowl takes his photography to a higher level than any previous photographers.

I am very glad that I found Tom and would highly recommend anyone wanting commercial product photography should contact Tom.

Dave Hepple

President, Oasis, Inc.

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