Do stop motion animations get attention? Yes, they do. But don’t stop here, it isn’t the end of this article!

Stop motion animated product photos aren’t cheap. They require multiple images that are cleaned, retouched and assembled into the graphic. Some simple animations may only need a couple of photos. More complex ones will need many more.

When my studio delivers stop motion product animations, they will reach you in two formats. One is a GIF file which is a moving image. The other is an MP4 file, which can be uploaded to your social media. Plus it will already be sized for the social media platform(s) you use.

Why spend the money on stop motion product animations?

I could tell you they get more views and likes, but then again, I want product photography clients to hire me to produce them. So why should you believe me?

First, I’m an honest guy who works hard to make sure my clients get my best for their investment.

Second, I’ll tell you exactly how to find out for yourself!

Photos vs. stop motion clips

Today, Instagram is a video sharing app and still one of the most popular image/video social platforms out there. All you need to do is look. I did, and here is what I found …

I enjoy shooting beverage photography. (You can check out my gallery by clicking this link.) So I follow a lot of successful brands as well as those just starting their beverage business.

On Mike’s Hard Lemonade account, (I enjoy their product.) I saw some telling signs that support my earlier claim. Their stop motion animation shares had a much higher viewership than their still images.

Comparative numbers

As an example: One animation received 3,723 views as compared to 387 of a still a day later. Another received 4,148 views as compared to 919 for a standard video. The numbers showed a wide disparity.

Next I decided to check Pepsi. Their stop motion animation graphics pulled numbers like: 19,275 – 15,486 and 17,095 vs. their still photos which pulled a respectable: 7,214 – 6,194 and 4,622.

But how does this play out for smaller companies. A random beverage account that was just starting had 101 views for their animation vs. 49 for their still.

Now these figures were there when I wrote this article. I imagine they have changed and some posts may have been archived. Still, if you want to check out the differents, you can verify the findings by looking at counts between stills and stop motions.

Stop motion product animations pull more eyes to them.

Another thing I noted was the feeds of these brands had far less still shots than stop motions. (Which usually scored even higher than regular commercial style videos.)

My guess is when a post gets 147 likes, and a stop motion gets thousands, the still post gets archived or deleted sooner. This means the stop motions stay around much longer, giving you more value for your spend. A much better ROI.

Another type of stop motion animation is known as a Cinemagraph. Click here to learn more about this unique format.

Social media content

If you are looking for ways to increase viewership and engagement through social media, stop motion animations may be right for you. Just reach out for a free consultation call to talk about your brand, get ideas and see if I’d be a good fit for your social content needs.

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