From Comedy to Capturing The Perfect Shot


Ever heard of a comedian turning into a professional product photographer? It isn’t the beginning of a joke.

Let me introduce myself.

Several years ago, named me one of the top ten comedy ventriloquists in the world. I performed at corporate events throughout the United States.

Who knew a pandemic could turn my photography hobby into a passion and a successful business? I’ve now swapped the stage for the studio, the laughter for the lens, and the mic for professional Canon cameras.

Behind the Scenes of Fast and Reliable Product Photography Services


Systematic Creativity: The Core of Fast Service


Ever wonder why some product photographers have an endless lead time? I sure did.

And here’s my secret to staying on track: limiting my client intake to ensure each project receives the attention it deserves.

Another secret weapon—systematic creativity. Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? But it’s the balanced blend of systemized workflow and unfettered imagination that ensures your project won’t just be completed on time—it’ll be completed beautifully on time.


The Reliable Recipe: 100% Money-Back Guarantee


You will have your final images in your hands within two business weeks. I even offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Not content with the images? Your money returns to you faster than a speeding bullet.

But you need photos. That is why you want fast and reliable product photography services. Money back saves cash, unfortunately you would loose even more valuable time.

So don’t worry—I’ve never had to make a refund.

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The Sweet Spot Between Work and Play


While I might not perform on the comedy stage anymore, I’ve still got my sense of humor! And with me, your project won’t feel like work. It’ll be like hanging out with a good friend, with the added perk of ending up with stunning product shots.

And when I say “friend”, I mean the kind who obsessively follows photography trends. My job includes keeping up-to-date with industry knowledge, so you get the best service possible.


Words of Wisdom from a Pro


Want some free advice? Well, here it is anyway.

Love your photographer’s portfolio—it’s the sneak peek into your project’s future.

Like your photographer.  Not sure about them? You’re going to have a hard time working together.

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Lights, Camera, Action!


The Canon R6 Mirrorless Camera, the 24-70 mm R Lens, the Canon 5D Mark IV, the 100 mm EF Macro Lens, and a room full of flashy gear that sounds like an alien language to the uninitiated—it’s not the equipment that makes the shot, but the person behind it.

My years of experience and passion for the craft ensure that every shot is not just a product image but a work of art.

One day I may be creating product photography for music and instrument products, the next, social media content for a custom folder printing company.

That is where the creativity comes into play.

I knew almost nothing about these products before the businesses came to me.

Now I probably know too much – but they are very happy with their images!


The Journey from First Call to Final Delivery


Before we even start, we sit down for a chat—no charge, of course. That chat will allow me to craft a custom quote that meets your needs.

Once we both know we’re a good fit, we set off on an adventure of mood boards, pre-production calls, shoots, edits, and eventually, your high-quality images ready to make their public debut.

So, do you need fast and reliable product photography services that keep you smiling all the way? Well, now you know where to find me.

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