Wondering how to make your product photos look professional? I hear it a lot, “Can I use a filter on product photography?” “How can I enhance my photos?” and “What filter do professional product photographers use?”

There has to be a secret right? It couldn’t be the years the photographer spent honing their art. Learning how to use their camera and what lens works best in what situation. Discovering how to use light to enhance the scene. Finding the time to take tens of thousands of photos to find out what works and what doesn’t. Plus learning to edit the photos to create a high quality final image.

“Can’t I just use a preset on product photos?”

I get it, you have a great camera on your smart phone, even if the lens isn’t the highest quality, it still takes a really good photo. Why hire a professional product photographer when you could take them yourself?

reducing bounce rates using high quality product photography

There are all kinds of guides online:

How To Take High Quality Product Photos With Your Phone, How To Take Perfect Product Photos, The Complete Guide To Perfect Product Photos

Even with their help, your photos just aren’t producing the results you want. So there must be another secret. Which leads people to think a filter or preset can help them achieve that more professional look.

Can presets or filters make product photos look professional?

Filters and presets are great for some photos, but not all photos. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two.

When talking filters, you may be thinking an app filter. To professional photographers, filters are a thin piece of lens glass that goes over the end of the lens. They are used to capture certain looks in camera.

A preset is something applied during editing. That is what is used as a start to color grade and punch up the image. The truth is, there is no one preset used universally. And when a product photographer does use a preset, it is usually at the start of the edit. After the preset is applied, the editor then fine tunes things for a specific image.

The problem with presets.

Preset can change colors. In most product photography, customers want to see the actual color of an item. If you use a preset on an item that clients want to be color specific, you will get returns.

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Want your product photos to look more professional?

Of course you do, so what I am about to recommend may be a hard pill for some to swallow. That is: hire a professional product photographer.

Professional product images increase sales and make your brand stand apart from the competition. Make an investment in your business that will yeild returns for years to come.

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