It doesn’t matter if you are on Amazon, Shopify or your own website, if your bounce rate is high, you are losing sales. Today we’ll discuss reducing bounce rates for your e-commerce website. This information will also apply for any other platform you are on.

First, what is a bounce?

A bounce happens when someone lands on your website and then leaves without doing anything. No purchase, no clicks, they go sometimes as quickly as they came.

Why is it important to lower your bounce rate?

There are two important reasons to lower your bounce rate. First, sales. If a lot of people come to your site and leave without buying, there is a problem. Fixing that problem can change the game, giving you more sales from your current ad spend.

The second reason is search engines. If someone finds you through an online search and then immediately leaves your site (bounces) the search engine knows it wasn’t relative. As a result, your website and products start to move down the page until they are gone altogether.

If you depend on or want more people to find you through searches, reducing bounce rates for your website is very important.

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Why do people bounce?

There are a lot of reasons people may bounce off your page or website. Let’s take a look at the most common.

The page takes too long to load.

Page speed is really important. People are in a hurry and if your website doesn’t load fast, they will move on. That counts as a bounce.

How do you know if your website is slow? Go to: type in your website domain and it will give you a full report.

There is a lot that goes into speeding up load times. Your server, your site software, your product photos, videos and more. I could help you with reducing product photo file sizes to load faster. The other stuff requires some serious technical know how and possibly a change of servers.

Unless you are a skilled web designer, I don’t recommend you handle this problem by yourself, although GTMetrix will share ways to do so.

They don’t find what they came for.

Why did they come to that page of your website? It should be front and center – right at the top of the page. If someone clicks your ad showing a particular item, it should take them right to that item – not your store front.

If someone comes looking for information, make sure it is there with nothing else obscuring it. People bounce fast when they don’t find what they are searching for.

They don’t trust the source.

Online, your website or e-commerce store is your salesperson. Do you want the high school kid who is looking for a part time job? Or do you want a polished salesperson who answers questions and knows how to sell?

If the page they land on doesn’t look professional, there is a high liklihood they will bounce. Professional product photography helps e-commerce stores stand apart from the fly-by-night competition. It can help you answer product questions, provide a virtual shopper experience and make sales. It also makes you trustworthy. After all, you obviously have invested in your business.

And that is just one reason why you should hire a product photographer for your website!

reducing bounce rates using high quality product photography

Ways to prevent visitors from bouncing.

Make the transition cohesive.

By this, I mean if someone comes to your site from an ad, make sure the page reflects the ad right away. If they come from a Google search result, make sure the page continues that result content. When people feel like they’ve come to the wrong page, they bounce and look for other sources.

Capture their attention immediately.

Understand why someone would visit that page on your website. What are they looking for? What do they want? Use that to capture their attention immediately and let them know they are in the right place.

How can you capture attention?

Your brain processes images faster than the written word. So start with a high quality image that conveys why they are there. Not just a product picture, but use emotion to drive the feeling this product provides.

Use a headline that tells them you have what they want on this page. Photos and headlines (in that order) are your two biggest factors in capturing someone’s attention and keeping them on your website.

Provide needed information.

People don’t always read copy or descriptions. That is why I use headlines in my blog copy. If you skim, you still get an idea of what I am talking about. If the subject area interests you, you will stop to read. Otherwise you will move on.

One of the fastest ways to provide information on an e-commerce website is through product photography. You can show:

  • what the product is,
  • what it looks like from different angles,
  • info-graphics,
  • what it looks like in your home setting,
  • closeups of quality construction and
  • people using the product.

Many customers purchase products based solely on the images! Having the best product photos possible isn’t an expense, but an investment in your success with e-commerce.

Make things easy.

Make everything easy to find and understand. If people aren’t sure how to do something, they will leave and you will lose a sale.

Chances are, you are so close to your website, you may not see problem areas. Ask friends and family to try your site and see if they encounter any problems or have suggestions. The easier your site is to navigate and buy from, the better you will do.

Test, test, test.

A/B test everything. Don’t make huge changes, test different product photos one week. Test different headlines another. You want to find out what works best, and you can’t do that with major changes because you aren’t sure what caused the improvement.

Don’t surprise people!

Recently I wanted to buy something online. I found a website that sold a product I loved. The images were great, reviews were all 5 star, the product was just what I wanted.

I went to order and on checkout, found out there was a $40 shipping charge! It was more than the product itself. Can you guess how fast I abandoned that cart?

This was a surprise. Had they said upfront due to shipping size, there was a $40 charge, I would have looked around and possibly returned. Now, there is no way. Don’t surprise people – they don’t like it!

These are just a few tips for reducing bounce rates on your e-commerce website. You spend a lot on advertising, SEO, website and product. When people come to your site, keep them there!

High quality product photography can act as your online salesperson. Put your best foot foward with a professional presence by creating a cohesive look and feel for your brand. If you’d like to discuss your e-commerce business and find out how photography can help you achieve your goals, reach out now:

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