Today we’ll talk about the importance of photography in marketing. And to do that, I want to share what may seem like a strange story – but it illustrates the subject perfectly.

The story …

Some of you may not realize before I became a commercial photographer, I was a performance artist. Covid shut down live entertainment, so I decided to get creative with my camera instead.

Starting as a magician and later switching to the art of ventriloquism (keep reading – the point is coming) I interacted with a lot of other entertainers.

Not all entertainers are “artists,” but most consider themselves to be.

For the most part, they are also pretty cheap. Why hire someone to create a marketing piece when they could do it themselves?

Why pay a photographer to take photos when … they could do it themselves.

Sound familiar?

The entertainers who went on to become popular or famous, were ones who concentrated on their art and audiences.

They didn’t sit on the computer with half-ass photoshop skills and try to make a brochure. They didn’t try to take promotional photos with their phones. These entertainers hired people who not only did the jobs, but did them better than they ever could hope.

The entertainers who whined about not getting shows and not being respected, were the ones who did it all themselves. Seeing their latest brochure was like looking at a font catalog of different type styles. Their photos were grainy, odd angles, cut off and plain unprofessional.

But they didn’t see it. They saw themselves and were in awe of their own perceived abilities – plus they saved money!

Year after year they would continue to complain as others rose around them, getting the shows they wanted.

Keep scrolling – the point is coming …

Finally one came to me and said, “how come I’m not getting any shows?” I showed him his website against a professional’s.

The pro’s was done by a web designer with professional photos, videos and style. His was a free Wix website with poorly shot video and horrible photos slapped together in a haphazard manner.

He still didn’t see the difference …

But that my friends is the importance of photography in marketing.

Those who are the “local acts” will never spend the money to hire pros. They have a camera on their phone and a computer. It is something they will do for themselves.

They won’t see the difference, although consumers do.

The “do everything yourself” folks will continue to watch others succeed as they struggle to keep their business afloat.

The companies that invest in quality product photography will find an easier path to attract clients and increase sales.

Which one would you rather be?

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