Here are the answers to some of the most common commercial photography questions in a brief, concise manner:

What Does Commercial Photography Do?

Commercial photography sells, advertises or markets a product, business, service or person. Photos used in advertisements be it print, online, point of sale or billboard are commercial photographs.

What is the purpose of commercial photography?

Commercial photographs are a business’ image assets to help it gain more sales and spread brand awareness.

What are the main goals of commercial photography?

Commercial photography has two main purposes: selling products & promoting a business or individual.

What does commercial photography consist of?

Commercial photographs may be product shots, head-shots, or branding images used for promotion and sales. The photographer or shoot director will find out what the client needs in the way of image assets.

A written shot list will make certain every required image is captured. When the client makes their final decisions on the images they want, the photos will be edited. The final versions are provided in the format that suits the client’s usage. The photographer will also provide commercial usage rights as laid out in the photoshoot contract.

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How is commercial photography used?

Businesses use commercial photography for their websites, online sales platforms, product previews, business cards, marketing materials, packaging, advertising, trade show displays, package inserts, instructions, catalogs, company reports, social media and more …

What types of commercial photography shoots are available?

What should I look for in a commercial photographer?

  • Has the proper equipment for the job.
  • Outstanding photography skills.
  • An impressive portfolio.
  • A style you like and works with your brand.
  • Excellent references.
  • A personality that is easy to work with.
  • Is highly professional and organized.
  • Can handle the scope of your project.

What questions should I ask a commercial photographer?

  • Are you insured?
  • Can you provide references?
  • Where can I see your portfolio?
  • What is your fee?
  • What does your fee include?
  • Are there any additional expenses?
  • How many images will I get?
  • What type of rights come with the images?
  • What is your reshoot policy?
  • Do you provide a guarantee?
  • What is the expected turn around time?
  • Do you use backups to protect my images?
  • What is your process for working with clients?
  • What do you need from my company?

In today’s saturated marketplace, advertising is everywhere. You will see it online, on television, in print, movies, billboards and more.

To capture the attention of your ideal customer, you need commercial images that will stand out, capture attention and provide the desire to take action.

The best commercial photography increases sales and public perception of your company, brand and products.

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