Today’s consumers are visually oriented. A human brain processes images in about 13 milliseconds. So if your product photos don’t capture people’s attention, the result will be fewer sales.

When shopping online, customers can only rely on photos to determine product quality. A high quality item could be considered inferior if the photo quality isn’t a match.

Every image you share represents not only products, but your brand too. High-quality photography not only increases online conversions, but builds reputation and drives future sales.

Use high-quality images with every consumer point of contact

In a study, 93% of online shoppers say that visual appearance is the key deciding factor in their purchasing decisions.

Every interaction consumers have with your brand should allow them to envision your products instead of just reading about them.

You should incorporate your product & branding photos throughout the client journey. Beyond the sales page, include them on your other website pages, social media, advertising, packaging & other touch points.

A mixture of product photos, lifestyle images and video can keep consumers engaged with visual elements.

images that sell brands

Brand building awareness

Branding is more than colors, a logo and a slogan. It is an important element for every part of your business. Weaving your brand into each photograph, social media post, email and marketing event cements your brand in the mind of the consumer.

When your e-commerce product images stay consistent, it will stand out for the consumer. According to, it takes 6 to 8 touches to turn a qualified prospect into a lead. If these touches aren’t consistent, it creates a barrier to doing business.

All of this to say …

With the importance photographs play in today’s market and consumer brand recognition, they shouldn’t be an afterthought.

It takes planning, design and deliberate steps to craft e-commerce images that will continue to help your business grow.

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