Creating images that convince consumers to buy isn’t easy. Since product photography is essential to online sales, here are 10 ways you can improve your e-commerce product images.

1. Show different perspectives of the product.

Using multiple viewing angles is a great first step. Consumers can’t examine online products first hand, but product photos allow them to feel like they can. You want to show every important detail of the item from different angles.

Also get a photo that shows the comparative size of the product. If it arrives and is bigger or smaller than the purchaser thought, you may be dealing with unhappy customers, reviews and returns.

I’d also advise at least one or two images of the product being used or in the environment it would be placed by a consumer. This allows people to envision themselves using it.

So how many product photos should you have? Read the linked article to find out more.

2. Have a photo for every color the product comes in.

Consumers don’t want to hear a product comes in black, white, pink or blue, they want to see it in those colors.

Yes, this is an added expense when taking your product photos and requires extra time to place online … but it makes for a better user experience and that leads to more sales.

3. Allow people to zoom in on the product.

A zoom feature is expected in today’s online marketplace. Consumers want to zoom in on different aspects of the images so they can see the details. If your e-commerce images don’t allow for a zoom, people won’t be as eager to purchase your products.

4. Branding is key.

Your products are different, but they are all offered by your company, so they need to convey this fact. You’ll want consistent sizes and coloring to keep every product photo “in the family.”

From backgrounds and lighting, colors and styling you’ll want to help consumers feel at home with the familiarity of every product page. Different image sizes and qualities, looks and feels, create a disconnect which can affect the sales outcome.

5. Hire a professional product photographer.

Any photographer or phone can snap a picture. A skilled product photographer is someone who specializes in making your e-commerce offering look their absolute best.

They have the proper equipment, lighting, editing skills and knowledge to create high quality images that make consumers click that add to cart button. You won’t have to worry about setting up products and taking photos, and the results will be better than you could do yourself.

Hiring a professional product photographer is a great investment that yields positive returns.

6. File sizes and website performance for e-commerce images.

The speed with which your website loads can mean the difference between someone buying a product or looking elsewhere. Large images can slow your load speed and cause problems.

It is always a good idea to connect your product photographer and website manager or SEO specialist. This way they can discuss the image sizes, resolution and compression to keep your images looking great and your site loading quickly.

7. Use image SEO.

Images can be an excellent boost to your SEO. Use the image file name, meta description and alt tag to tell consumers and search engines about the photo. This information not only helps visually impaired consumers, but helps your products be found when someone is searching online.

8. Use 360º images, stop motion or product video.

These are easy upgrades to product pages that can provide a major impact on sales. 360º photos allow consumers to look at all sides of your product. Stop motion GIFs or videos are quirky and attention grabbing ways to highlight your offerings. Of course, product videos are expensive to produce, but according to studies, help increase conversions.

9. Collaborate on social media content.

Getting customers and paid brand ambassadors to post images showing or using your products can boost your following and sales. You might be able to repurpose some of that content on your website and product pages too.

10. E-commerce image rights.

You don’t want to ignore this advice or it could end up costing you! Image rights issues can cost your company money or even bankrupt you. It is important to know that each image you use is fully licensed and legal to use for the purposes you intend.

This is another reason to hire a professional product photographer who can work with you to make sure you are completely covered.

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