Product photos aren’t cheap unless you are taking them yourself.

Even then, the photos you take may be costing you sales if they don’t meet expectations of online shoppers.

So the big question for many new (and existing) online retailers is, how many product photos should I have?


To answer this question, I should first say it will depend on your product.


For example, if you are selling a slab of wood, you may want two face shots to show the grain on each side of the board.

Add to that an edge shot so shoppers can see thickness and perhaps a natural edge.

You might also want to show scale and dimensions, so someone doesn’t get a 1 foot length and be upset because they thought it would be longer. (People don’t always read …)

In that example, 4 images may suffice. sells shoes, equipment and apparel.

The product pages for shoes have an average of 8 images showing the shoes, quality and texture from different angles.

Apparel had an average of six images per style.

For each color that style was offered, another average of six images was available.


Now let’s take a look at an insulated mug on Amazon.

For this product, which was on sale for $8.99 when I saw it, there were a total of six photos and one video.

Two of the photos were actually collages containing a total of six photos – so in all, ten photos of the product and one video!

There was a product shot, an infographic of the construction, an infographic of the measurements, a what’s in the package shot and six lifestyle images.

So one product that sold for $8.99 had a total budget for 10 photos and a video.


One thing I also noticed going through Amazon, most products had between 6 – 7 images, some included a video.

Then there were some that only had three.

The products with more shots, had higher seller ratings. Why? Because people are visual creatures.


Unlike a store shelf, customers can’t touch the items.

So a virtual store shelf relies on product photography to share the product and quality.

The better this is displayed, the more likely the shopper will choose your product over another.



What product shots do I need?


I’ve mentioned a few product shots above, but here is a list for your consideration.


1. Ecommerce product photography (Individual Shots)


Ecommerce product photography is usually your standard product on a solid white background.

The product itself fills at least 80% of the frame, helping it to stand out in search results.

Some bold e-commerce retailers prefer to use complimentary or contrasting color backgrounds in place of white.

Either way, it is a product on a solid color background.

These images are also used to show the product from various angles and positions.


2. Lifestyle product photos


Lifestyle shots tell the story of your product.

They may show the environment your product fits in or how they are used.

In others, you may have models using the product.


Lifestyle product photos allow consumers to imagine how the product would fit into their own life.

They may want that look, or benefit, or lifestyle.

Used to compliment your ecommerce individual product shots, these may also be used in various ways.

Lifestyle product photography images are perfect for social media, ads, emails and print.

They capture your product and make it feel personal.


3. Scale photos


One of the biggest concerns when buying online is size.

Using scale shots allows the eye to compare the product with other items.

Scale shots will save you a lot of returns!


4. Detail product photography


Pay attention to the details. Macro shots of jewelry allow consumers to see the quality of a setting.

A shot of a shoe’s tread will help shoppers decide on the purchase.

Detailed images build trust by showing quality and textures.


5. Package shots


Packaging is important to consumers.

If your offerings come in branded packaging, it raises the perceived value of what you are selling.

People also want to see what they are receiving by mail, so show it to them.

Not just in the package, but with the package so they can see what is inside.


6. Infographics


Infographics not only showcase your product but help call out the product’s features.


7. Group shots


A product displayed in a group photo with complimentary products can help to increase sales.

If part of a collection, it offers an overview of your products.

Group shots are also perfect for sharing in ads, on website pages and on social media.

So if you wonder: what types of product photos I should have? Or, how many product photos should I have?

This should help guide you in planning.

If you are concerned about how much product photos cost, please take a moment to read this article on my blog.

If you’d care to discuss your products and image assets please reach out. I’m happy to see if I may be of service.


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