Product images are a time intensive thing. It is more than setting a product down and taking a photo. Photographers can spend hours on positioning the product, designing the lighting and angles, snapping the perfect picture and editing to the final results. So why invest in e-commerce images? Because they can yield returns.

Here are seven reasons why you should consider professional e-commerce product photos.


1. Attention grabbing.

The human brain processes visual imagery 60,000 times faster than the written word. Your photos are the first thing a customer sees when they enter your website or view your e-commerce store. Poor or amatuer images cause an immediate reaction that can hurt your chances of a sale. Put your best foot forward with professional product photos.

2. Showcase your products.

In the online world, a consumer can’t hold, touch or examine your product. They rely heavily on images and reviews. Offer them a virtual shopping experience by having plenty of high quality photos of your products from different angles. Offer detail shots or the ability to zoom in so they can examine construction and materials. The better you showcase your products through commercial photography, the better your chance of a sale.

3. Beat the competition.

No doubt others sell the same or similar products to yours. If you use the same manufacturer images as everyone else, your business can’t stand out. At that point, you are competing on price alone. When you hire a photographer to create original professional photos, you stand miles apart from the competition.

4. Building your brand.

Original product photography carries your look and your brand. Your products, site and social media stand out. Because they have a “branded” look, it raises awareness of your business every time someone sees your content.

5. Generate more sales.

The better your product photos are, the better your chance of a sale. Pre-answer customer questions using photography. Make the product more appealing while showing the true colors and manufacturing. The better your presentation, the more likely people will hit the buy now button.

6. Reduce customer service time and returns.

Consider a video showing how your product works, how to set it up or how to use it. This can reduce customer service questions that cost your company money. Great product photographs also help reduce returns. People can see and know what they will receive before they order.

7. Improve social media reach.

Use your product images on social media. This is a great use of life-style product photos, showing your product in an environment or in use. Social posts that contain eye catching images and help people get saved and shared.

If you struggle to get the sales you need, the social following you want or the brand awareness you deserve, consider hiring a commercial photographer to help. That is why you should consider investing in e-commerce images!

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