There are a lot of pieces to the e-commerce puzzle, but the most important tool in your arsenal are product photos. If you want people to purchase online, the product needs to be showcased in the best manner possible.

Exceptional product photography creates a visual story that helps consumers experience the details of what you are selling. From the very first image of your product on a listing page, through to the very last image of your product page gallery, each image is important.

You need to take them through the reasons your product is best for their needs. Overcome any objections and help shoppers to see how themselves using your product(s).

With this in mind, I share with you some of my:

Best product image tips for e-commerce wholesalers & retailers.

1. Invest in your product images.

I know it can be tempting to save some money and take your own product photos. The fact is, you will always get better results when you hire a professional photographer.

Professional photographers understand how to light images to draw the eye and make products look amazing. They have the backdrops or settings to place your product. A product photographer can nail the camera settings and edit your images to create pristine, add to cart photographs that encourage the click.

Most people can tell the difference between an amateur and professional photo. If you want to impress consumers and move your products, a professional product photographer is worth the investment.

2. Be certain your images are the right size and resolution.

If your images are the wrong size and resolution, they can slow down your webpage load time. When software needs to resize an image to fit the page layout, it takes time to make those calculations. Plus the image may appear blurry or distorted.

Having images in the proper size and resolution gives your e-commerce page better looking photos at fast load times to keep consumers happy.

3. White background product photos are great for listings.

In e-commerce, products on a pure white background are a staple for most websites and storefronts. They create a clean page design that allows your product to pop.

If you sell on Amazon, Wal-mart, Shopify and other online retail platforms, you’ll need this style of photo.

4. Your product should take up at least 85% of the image space.

Any smaller and your product will become lost next to competitors in search results.

5. Photograph your product in packaging.

As a wholesaler, if you sell to physical retail outlets, you will want to show them your product in its’ packaging. Let buyers see how it will look on their shelves. In fact, you may need to consider product photography to appear on the packaging itself!

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6. What’s included and different perspectives should go in your product page gallery.

One photo doesn’t make a sale anymore. Consumers want to see your product from different angles and know exactly what they are getting. Your product gallery should include different views of the product and an out of package look at the contents.

7. Use lifestyle product images.

Getting shots of your product with a model or in a staged setting is an effective selling image. It helps consumers connect with the item and see the different possibilities it offers.

8. Use infographics if applicable to your product.

Infographics can include dimensions, materials, key ingredients, logos and notes about your product. They provide a visual representation of important details that help buyers relate.

9. Try 360º photos and short format videos.

If your product has a lot of details, consumers may enjoy having a 360º image to examine all sides. These can be shared on your site as a moving GIF file, a repeating video file or using software to create an interactive spin that consumers may control.

Short format videos are another best practices idea for e-commerce products. Carefully crafted product videos can grab attention and make your products very desirable.

10. Another important tip for e-commerce wholesalers …

If you sell to physical retail stores and offer in store marketing, from signs to product displays, don’t miss a chance to showcase it. Buyers want products that will look good on their shelves and move. Showing how you help will make their purchasing decisions easier.

I hope you’ve found these product image tips for e-commerce wholesalers & retailers helpful. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss creating high quality e-commerce product images for your business, please reach out!

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