Why Hiring a Professional Is Key


Professional product photography for small business websites should be a high priority. You know having a professional, branded website is crucial to your business. No matter the site’s goal, you want to create a consumer’s desire to do business with your company.


Your business’ website must provide a positive impression on your visitors to do this. A lot goes into creating that website:


    • Purpose,
    • Target audience,
    • Content,
    • Design,
    • Navigation,
    • Search engine optimization,
  • Mobile responsiveness,
  • Security,
  • Analytics,
  • Maintenance,
  • and more …
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How important is product photography for small business websites?

The Journal of Advertising Research published a study that found visuals were more effective than text in increasing brand recognition and recall.


According to a study by Chartbeat, the average time spent on a website is around 15 seconds. Without strong visuals and a clear, compelling message, most will never look at the site.


With high quality product photography that represents your brand, people will stay longer. This provides a higher return on your website investment.


Plus, while this information is geared for a small business website, some of this will also apply to product photography for Amazon Sellers.


Assessing Your Current Images


Many photographers will suggest all new images for brand consistency. While consistency is key, I prefer to assess your current images first.


In some cases, you may need all new images. In others, your small business website may not need to start from scratch. There are many times when I find images that will work with newer content. This saves the client funds that they are able to invest in other areas.


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Experience Working with Web Designers


Website product photos have important format requirements. Your product photographer should have experience working with website designers. This way they can shoot your images in the correct aspect ratios, size and optimize them to your needs.


This means your product photos will load faster. You also won’t lose quality due to software compression. Website product photographers can also provide advice on optimizing your images for SEO.


Packages That Fit Your Needs


Small businesses often need a lot of images for a new website or website refresh. The costs can add up fast. Most small business photographers offer custom packages to fit your needs and budget.


Some photographers even offer re-shoots if needed. It is all about ensuring that you get the images you need to represent your brand in the best way possible.


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Consultation Call


Unsure if hiring a professional custom product photography services is right for your small business website?


Consider scheduling a consultation call. There is no cost, no obligation and no pressure for you to make a purchase. We can discuss your needs and goals, and determine the best path for your success.


From product photos for e-commerce, websites, advertising, social media, catalogs, packaging and more, I”m here to help if needed.


I look forward to the opportunity for us to connect and hear about your new website.

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