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Social media has changed over the years and since 2021 has seen huge growth for both personal and business use.

The days of low-quality selfies and blurry food photos are out.

Today, everyone’s feed is filled with stunning visuals and attention grabbing videos.


Everyone from influencers to local businesses are using the platforms to grow their audience and sales.

So how can you cut through the noise? 


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What Exactly Does a Social Media Photographer Do?


Ah, the million-likes question.

A social media photographer does more than click a button; they craft images that tell a story, capture your brand’s essence, and are optimized for each social media platform.

In other words, they’re the storytellers of the digital age, helping to make your brand unforgettable.


A good social media photographer will work with you to learn about your brand, be it personal or professional.

They will brainstorm ideas with you to help you generate images that suit your brand’s style and align with your content plans.

It’s like having an actual friend to help you rather than AI!


But, Do I Really Need Professional Photos for Social Media?


Imagine scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest and finding a new e-commerce startup.

Their products look interesting, but the images? Yikes! Pixelated, poorly lit, and let’s not even talk about the composition.

Will you hit “Follow”? Probably not.

First impressions matter.

And in the world of social media, your photos are your first impression.

So yes, you do really need professional photos.

Unless, of course, you’re okay being the wallflower at the digital party.


professional social media photographer in Maryland.


The 10 Must-Have Personal Branding Photos for Social Media


If you are definitely thinking about hiring a professional photographer, let’s talk specifics.

What shots do you need to make your personal brand shine brighter than a cat video?

Here is my checklist of must-have personal branding photos for social media:


1. The Hero Shot


This is your digital handshake. A high-quality, professional headshot that says, “I’m the real deal.”

Make it welcoming, make it confident, but above all, make it you.


head shot for social media


2. The Workspace Wizardry


Show off your workspace where the magic happens.

Whether it’s a high-tech studio or a cozy home office, this photo gives a behind-the-scenes peek into your world.

Don’t have a fancy office or home? No problem, we can check PeerSpace and rent a loaction to shoot there!


3. The Action Shot


Let’s not forget some photos capturing you doing what you do best. 


4. Your Signature Product


If you sell products, let them have their red carpet moment.

Product photography is my main focus so let’s include them!

We will showcase your top-selling or signature items in all their glory.


5. The Creative Process


Let people see the process behind the your product or service. Trust me, they’re curious.


Woman in office - a workplace photo is perfect for businesses to share on social media sites.


6. The Team Spirit


If you’re more than a one-man-band, show off your team.

It adds a personal touch and builds trust quicker than you can say, “Say cheese!”


7. Lifestyle Imagery


From sipping coffee in a hip café to hiking up a mountain, lifestyle shots help your audience relate to you on a personal level.


8. The Testimonial Time


Feature a happy client or customer showcasing your product or service. Social proof? Check.


9. The Humble Beginnings


A throwback photo or a “before-and-after” can show your growth and dedication, humanizing your brand in the process.


10. The CTA Moment


Have a shot that’s specially designed to go along with calls to action.

Consider an image of you pointing towards a “Sign Up” button or holding a “Learn More” sign.

One neat trick for this is to hold a blank whiteboard.

Then, you can easily add different text as needed in Canva.


Tom Product Photography Pricing


What’s the Damage? Understanding Social Media Photography Pricing


The cost really varies depending on your needs, but think of it as an investment, not an expense.

You’re not just paying for pictures; you’re paying for the expertise that elevates your brand.

Prices fluctuate based on skill, time required and services rendered.

It is best to talk with the photographer and have them create a custom quote for you.


Tips on Finding the Right Fit: Social Media Photographer Near You


Sure, you could Google “professional photographer for social media near me,” but don’t settle for just anyone

Check out portfolios, read testimonials, and most importantly, see if their style matches your brand’s aesthetic. 

Get to know the photographer by talking on the phone or meeting to see if there is any energy. 

You’ll be working with them, so make sure the partnership is going to be right for both of you.


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