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With everyone thumb-scrolling through life, content photography is your golden ticket to stop them in their tracks.

We’re talking about creating visuals that not only catch the eye but also tell your brand’s story in a way that’s as compelling as a season finale cliffhanger.

Stick around, because we’re about to unpack everything you need to know.

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Table of Contents: 


What is Content Photography?

Why Choose Content Photography Over Stock Photos?

The Psychology Behind Content Photography

How To Plan and Execute a Content Photoshoot

Practical Tips For Content Photography

Content Photography For Social Media

Content Photography Pricing and Packages


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What is Content Photography?


Content photography combines editorial and commercial photography to create relevant, consistent visuals that tell a brand’s story.

It is like setting the scene in a movie, creating a mood, look and feeling that connects with your audience. The goal is to have a consistent visual style that your audience loves and instantly recognizes.

How is it different from other forms of photography? Other types of photography aim to capture a moment or a subject, content photography is all about the narrative.

Ever noticed how some brands just seem to ‘get it’ when it comes to their Instagram or Facebook feed?

That’s content photography at work.

It’s not just about looking good; it’s about conveying your brand’s personality, values, and what sets you apart in a sea of sameness.

So, are you ready to turn your brand into the next blockbuster hit?

Keep reading, because we’re just getting started.

Why Choose Content Photography Over Stock Photos?


“Why not just grab some stock photos and call it a day?”

Hold on here Bunky!

Stock photos are like the fast food of imagery—quick and convenient—but they lack the unique flavor that makes your brand, well, your brand.

(I just couldn’t think of a better way to say that …)

Custom content images are like having a gourmet meal tailored to your taste buds.

Original content photos not only represent your brand’s unique identity, they serve it up on a silver platter.


The Psychology Behind Content Photography


Some images just stick with you. It’s not magic; it’s psychology.

Visual elements like color, composition, and texture can play mind games that make your audience stop, stare, and most importantly, engage.

Content photography isn’t just eye candy; it’s brain candy too. It tells a story that resonates on an emotional level, making your brand unforgettable.


“In a world of cookie-cutter content, custom visuals define your brand’s authenticity.”

How to Plan and Execute a Content Photoshoot


Planning a content photoshoot is like planning a road trip.

You need a map (your objectives),

some interesting stops along the way (your narrative), and of course,

the perfect backdrop (your location).


Once you’ve got your plan, it’s showtime! From setting up the lighting to capturing the perfect shot, every detail counts.

Oh! And don’t forget post-production. Those images won’t edit themselves, you know!


Practical Tips for Content Photography


Alright, let’s talk nuts and bolts. Choosing the right props and colors can make or break your shoot.

• Think of props as supporting actors that add depth to your story.

• And colors? They set the mood.

• As for clothing, let’s just say you don’t want your products to be upstaged by a neon tracksuit.

• Got a photographer in mind? Great! Just make sure to ask them the right questions to ensure you’re on the same page.


Content Photography for Social Media


Ready to be the talk of the social media town?

Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, each platform has its quirks.

Tailoring your content to fit these platforms is like knowing the dress code for different occasions.

You wouldn’t wear flip-flops to a black-tie event, would you?  (You would, wouldn’t you? laughing)


“A brand without custom visuals is like a book without a cover – unnoticed and unexplored.”


Content Photography Pricing and Packages


Let’s talk numbers, shall we? Investing in content photography is like investing in a bespoke suit—it’s tailored to fit you perfectly.

From subscription models for the serial content creators to custom packages for those one-off projects, there’s something for everyone.

And hey, if you’ve got something specific in mind that’s not on the menu, I’m all ears.


Oh, and for those of you who are always on the move for business, why not take your own paparazzi with you?

That’s right, I offer travel packages so you can have top-notch content, no matter where your business takes you.

Just hit up my contact form below, we can talk and I can create a custom proposal so we can make the magic happen.


That’s A Wrap …


So there you have it, folks! Your ultimate guide to content photography.

Ready to turn your brand into a visual masterpiece?

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