If you can reduce e-commerce return rates it will make a significant change in your bottom line.

Returns cost money and show up in reviews, which may influence future customers.


According to Invsp Consulting – 30% of all products ordered online are returned.

This compares to 8.89% in physical stores. Why?

Among the reasons are products received damaged, wrong item received, some were received late, and this figure:

22% of returns are because the product received looks different!


According to EJM, inaccurate colors in product images is one of the most common in this category.

This is especially true with clothing and home decor, but can also play a factor in other types of e-commerce products.


Some good news is, you can reduce this percentage of e-commerce returns with color correct product photography.


While you can measure return rate metrics, one thing you can’t measure is the trust factor. Again, EJM stated that 58% of consumers wouldn’t make future purchases after color inaccuracies.


By having product photos that offer accurate color images, you can stem returns and encourage future ecommerce sales.




Infographic by – Invesp Consulting


Could You Use A Boost In Sales and Customer Satisfaction?

If you want to reduce eCommerce return rates, color accurate photos are one of the fastest ways to let customers know exactly what they will receive.  

A surprising number of people make their buying decision based on the product photos, without ever reading your carefully crafted product information. 

Besides, a photo is worth a thousand words – so speak volumes to people with your imagery!



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