No one wants to spend more than they have to. That is why product photography pricing is the first question many new business owner’s ask. I must hear, how much are product photos? 10 times a day. So let’s talk …


How much should product photography cost?


While costs obviously play a role in your decision to hire a product photographer, it should not be the only consideration.


The camera on most smart phones is good enough to take a professional product photo IF:


  • You understand how to use the camera.
  • Use appropriate lighting.
  • Know how to style the product.
  • Realize how to direct the eye.
  • Can visualize the outcome and adjust to bring it to life.
  • Have editing skills.
  • And have an artist’s perspective.


You aren’t just paying for a photo and pricing product photography that way is a disservice to you and your brand.


How much does a product photoshoot cost?


There is a lot that goes into the planning of a successful product photoshoot. Let’s start with what you need photos of …


  • What is the product or products?
  • How large are they?
  • Are they reflective?
  • Will they be shot as ecommerce photos on a white background?
  • As lifestyle in a setting?
  • Both?
  • Using models?
  • Using props?
  • Where will they be shot?
  • What lighting will be required?
  • How many people will be needed on set?
  • Will the product require assembly?
  • Do you require resolution for a billboard, website or social media?
  • How many photos do you need?


And this is just a partial list. So if a product photographer gives you a rate for a day shoot, you may end up surprised. The total figure may end up much higher to meet your needs. And who benefits there?


So how much do product photos cost?


Every photographer will bring a different set of skills to the table. Since anyone can take a photo with a phone, you aren’t paying for a basic photo, you are paying for their talent and personality.




Definitely! You could hire the most talented photographer in the world, but if you don’t get along, it will be a pain in your neck. You want someone who is talented and that communicates well. A product photographer who wants to help you succeed, not just make a sale.


The best price isn’t always the best choice.


Instead of asking “how much are product photos?” ask yourself, what type of experience do I want?


Do you want a photographer who will consult with you to learn what you need, then create a proposal that meets those requirements? Someone who will be dedicated to your ecommerce success?


Or do you want to send a product or a phone pic overseas and have the background removed or changed?


Are you looking for the cheapest price, not worried that extra charges may be added or the job must be corrected? Or are you looking for someone who can meet your needs the first time and save you hassles or unexpected expenditures?


Do you want low cost or high value with a positive ROI?


If you are looking for product photography pricing, let’s talk about your needs. Save the surprises for another phase of your business.


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