I read somewhere that 83% of online shoppers feel product photos are very influential in their purchasing decision. I read somewhere else that 78.237% of all statistics are made up. Either way, e-commerce product images are a business asset you should definitely make the most of.


A lot of my customers want product images for their e-commerce store or website. Some also plan to use the photos on their social media. While both of these are important, I wanted to share even more creative ways to use e-commerce product images.


Ways to use product images


1. Blog Posts:


Write an article about the benefits of your product. Use your product photos for the article feature image and sprinkled throughout the text. This makes the article easier to read by breaking up the copy with pictures. It also is an excellent chance to show off your products and link to the purchase pages.


2. Emails:


Although emails have a low open and response rate thanks to the sheer volume that floods our inboxes, they still work. When emails are from a brand people recognize, they are more likely to open them.

Incorporating e-commerce product images into your emails is easy to do and makes your content stand out.


What types of emails use product images?

Updates: Share your latest news with customers and include photos of a new product or some products “in the news!”

Topic emails: You’ve written that blog post. If it has helpful information (which it should) share it with your list. A photo from the article included in the email can act as a call to action.

Shopping cart abandonment: Did they leave something in their shopping cart and not check out? Send them a photo of that/those items with a reminder they are there. You might even include links to relevant articles about those products that would aid in the purchasing decision.

Deals: Every week, Target sends me an email with a photo of their latest online ad flyer. That visual will usually have me clicking through to see if the flyer has anything of interest.


In this case, the product images do three or four things.

1.) They cause me to open the email.

2.) They make me click on the link, which is a metric.

3.) They make Target top of mind for a few minutes

4.) In some cases they lead to a sale or two.

Past purchases: Remind customers of past purchases in case they need a refill, or could use a complementary item.


3. Texts:


SMS text based marketing can definitely benefit with the use of product photos. Some marketers worry about using SMS texts. Remember that SMS marketing requires an opt-in. If someone gives you their phone number on an opt-in form, you have their consent.


SMS text open rates are as high as 90% – which beats email by miles! Response rates are also higher. Using your product images puts them in front of customers. They not only get your message but see what you offer.


If you use pixel tracking, you can deliver highly relevant images & information to the right people. That drives sales.


4.) Stories:


Facebook purchased Instagram and both are now using “stories” which are similar to mini Tik-toks. If your business isn’t using its’ e-commerce product images in these, you should be!


A study said that people were 55% more likely to remember an image than text after a few days. This makes using your product photos in “stories” a way to stay on people’s mind and increase conversions.


5. Google Business:


A Google Business account can help with your SEO and to draw local business. Upload your product images to your profile. They will help keep people on your page longer and may encourage them to give your products a try.


6. Pop Ups:


If your website uses pop ups, try incorporating your product images into them. The photos will grab attention and can highlight your call to action.


images that sell brands

7. Cross Promotions:


You’ve seen “Customers Also Bought …”, “Add To Bundle …”, “Accessories …” and “Related Items …” on e-commerce websites. This is the perfect way to get other products in front of consumers by making excellent use of your product images.


8. Product Pages:


Naturally …


9. Social Media:


Of course …


10. Your Website:


Using your product images, lifestyle images and other e-commerce images throughout your website is a good way to keep people engaged.


I included the last three because they are standards, and I didn’t want someone saying … but what about …


The first seven are creative ways to use e-commerce product images you may not have thought about. When you invest in image assets, you should make the most of them. Hopefully these ideas will help!


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