A properly planned and executed social media photoshoot can make all the difference in your social media game.

If you are just snapping occasional selfies or pics of your products to share on line, there is no set plan and even if you see some results, you don’t know where you are headed.

In this guide, I’ll share some insider tips and tricks to help you make your next shoot Instagram-worthy.

Ready? Then let’s go!


What is a Social Media Photoshoot Anyway?


Seriously?  Okay, since people do ask, I’ll tell you.

A social media photoshoot is a lot like a traditional photoshoot, but with a twist.

It’s specifically tailored for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

The focus is not just on capturing stunning images but also on creating content that resonates with your target audience.

Need help?

That’s where social media photographers come in, offering a skill set that combines traditional photography with the nuances of social media.

Having a photographer help with your social media is so much easier than trying to take your own selfies, especially for influencers.


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Why You Should Consider a Professional Social Media Photographer


Your iPhone may take decent photos, but sometimes you want a bit more oomph!

A professional photographer can bring a whole new level of sophistication to your social media profiles.

They understand lighting, angles, and the elusive art of making you look like a million bucks—or at least, a few thousand likes. 😉


DIY Social Media Photoshoot Ideas


If you’re more of a DIYer, don’t fret! Here are some easy-to-follow ideas to make your photoshoot a hit:


The Golden Hour


Ever wonder why everyone looks so darn good during sunset?

That’s the golden hour for you.

Schedule your shoot during this time for those naturally warm and flattering tones.


Use Props


Whether it’s a cup of coffee, your favorite book, or your phone, props add an extra layer of interest to your photos.


Experiment with Angles


Don’t just stick to the usual eye-level shots. Experiment with high and low angles to create dynamic visuals.


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12 Tips for Social Media Photography


1. Plan Ahead:

Know what you’re going for before you start clicking.


2. Choose the Right Background:

A cluttered background is a no-no.


3. Use a Tripod:

For steady shots, especially if you’re going solo.


4. Mind the Rule of Thirds:

This classic composition technique is your best friend.


5. Editing is Key:

Use apps like Lightroom or VSCO for post-production magic.


6. Be Consistent:

Stick to a theme or color scheme.


7. Don’t Overdo Filters:

A little goes a long way.


8. Quality Over Quantity:

Better to have 5 incredible photos than 20 mediocre ones.


9. Know Your Audience:

Who are you targeting and what do they like?


10. Caption Matters:

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a well written and engaging caption is priceless.


11. Engage:

Respond to comments and messages.


12. Analyze and Adapt:

Use analytics to see what works and what doesn’t.

Image of Honey looking through ladder taken during her Social media photoshoot


How to Prepare for Your Social Media Photoshoot


Ready to get started? Here’s a quick checklist:


Create a mood board

Pick your outfits

Choose your locations

Make a shot list

Schedule the shoot

Create a backup plan in case of foul weather

Don’t Forget If You Hire A Social Media Photographer They Can Help Too!


A social media photographer is an expert so get their opinions and input, they have plenty of experience taking photos for social media content.

Don’t be afraid to try something they suggest because it may be an idea you’ll love when you see the image.


By now, you should be prepared to either hire a pro or go the DIY route for your next social media photoshoot.

Remember, the key to a successful shoot is preparation and a sprinkle of creativity.

So go ahead, make your social media shine.

After all, why settle for scrolling through your feed when you can be the one turning heads?


This article was written by me, not a machine.  I am a product photographer from Westminster, Maryland.

My specialty is helping brands get high quality, head turning product photos and stop motion animations for marketing and social media.

I’ve also helped models with head shots and social media content.

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