A strong and visually cohesive brand identity is essential for every business. It helps you stand out from the competition and connect with your audience. As a startup, you might think that creating a professional look across your product photography and marketing materials can be expensive. But don’t worry! We’re here to show you how to achieve a visually cohesive brand identity on a budget.

Defining Your Brand’s Visual Identity

To start, it’s important to know your brand’s core values and who your target audience is. This helps you decide what style and look you want for your product photography and social media content. You can create a mood board using images that inspire you, like lifestyle photography or food photography. This will guide you as you develop your brand’s visual identity.

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Choosing the Right Color Palette


Colors play a big part in your brand identity. They can evoke emotions and help your audience remember you. To choose a color palette, think about the feelings you want your brand to represent. You can use free online color palette generators to find the perfect combination for your brand.


Typography Selection


Typography is another key aspect of your brand’s look. Choose fonts that match your brand values and appeal to your target audience. Many free and budget-friendly fonts are available online. Read the fine print on the license information to be sure the fonts include commercial usage rights. Also make sure your chosen fonts are easy to read and work well together.


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Creating a Brand Style Guide


A style guide helps you maintain consistency across your product photoshoots, e-commerce photography, and advertising photography. Include elements like your color palette, typography, and photography style (like flat lay photography or 360-degree product photography). Free style guide templates can help you get started.


Budget-Friendly Design Tools


You don’t need expensive software to create professional graphics. Many free and low-cost graphic design tools are available for startups. These tools often have design templates and resources to help you create a cohesive look for your marketing materials.


Product Photography on a Budget


High-quality product photography is essential for your brand, whether you need catalog photography, fashion photography, or packshot photography. You can do a DIY product photoshoot with simple equipment and natural lighting. Free or affordable photo editing tools can help you enhance your images. Don’t forget to consider user-generated content, like Instagram photography from your customers, to showcase your products in real-life settings. If you want some do it yourself product photography tips click here.

Consistency in Social Media and Marketing Materials


Make sure your social media content and marketing materials have a consistent look. Use templates to create graphics that match your brand identity. You can find budget-friendly tips and ideas for print materials, too.


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Collaborating with Design Professionals


Sometimes, you might need a professional touch. When it’s time to invest in professional photography services or creative photography, consider hiring a designer, partnering with design students, or working with freelancers. They can help you create a polished look for your business photography without breaking the bank.




Creating a visually cohesive brand identity on a budget is possible! By following these tips you can develop a consistent visual style across your product photography and marketing materials. Keep your audience in mind and stay true to your brand values. As a result, your business will shine with a stunning and cohesive brand identity.


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