Elevate Your Brand with Stop Motion Animation: Not Just for Social Media


Ever wondered why some brands pop more than others on your feed?

Is it magic, or is it perhaps… stop motion animation?

Stop right there, and let’s move into the captivating world of stop motion animation for products, and why your business—yes, you there scrolling on your phone—needs it.

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Why Is Animation So Expensive?


We all love a good, smooth animation, but why does it often come with a price tag that could rival your grandma’s antique collection?

One word: Labor.

When we talk stop motion, each second of animation requires 12 separate images that show for only .02 seconds—that’s right, 12!

Every frame of those 24 frames per second is individually captured, edited, and aligned for color and crop. That’s dedication and craftsmanship rolled into one.

The costs rack up because of the meticulous frame by frame editing needed to ensure the product and animation looks its best.


How Much Do Product Animations Cost?


My product photography and stop-motion animation packages start at just under $2,000.

Each project is unique, so final costs will vary. For that fee you may be able to get several simple stop motion clips.

If you need a complex stop motion clip, it may cost more. Or you might get a mixture, depending on your needs.

When you consider the amount of effort that goes into making each frame a work of art, you realize it’s not just a cost—it’s an investment in high-quality visual marketing.


Is Stop Motion Cheaper Than Traditional Animation?


In the creative field, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Sometimes it means compromising on the quality or the storytelling aspect of the animation.

While certain types of animation can be more affordable, they may not offer the bespoke touch that stop motion provides.

Also, considering visual marketing statistics, quality visual content can significantly boost user engagement and conversion rates.

Simple stop motion graphic of bees revealing letters that was created in Photoshop.


What’s the Ordering Process Like?


Consultation: Schedule a call with me. During this time, we’ll discuss your vision, target audience, and marketing goals.

Quotation: After getting a clear idea of what you need, I’ll provide a customized quote.

Storyboarding & Planning: This is where the fun starts. You can provide the creative concept, or I can act as the creative director to save you time.

Execution & Review: Expect regular updates. Once completed, you’ll have an opportunity to review and suggest edits.

Delivery: After your approval, you’ll receive the high-res animation ready for all your marketing needs.

Why My Stop Motion Animations?


What sets my service apart is flexibility. Whether you prefer flat lay, lifestyle scenes, or graphic backgrounds, I’m all ears and eyes!

I’ll work with your branding guidelines, ensuring the look and feel match what your brand is all about.

Plus, I’ve worked with renowned brands like Jackson’s Food Company and Miribel Naturals.

Just check out my behind-the-scenes video on a simple granola bar stop motion, to see what goes into photographing a simple animation!


How Long Does it Take to Create a Stop Motion Clip?


Given that each second requires 12 separate frames, expect a timeline that matches the attention to detail.

Sometimes a single second could take an hour—or more—to perfect.

You’re not just paying for a clip; you’re paying for a masterpiece.


The Importance of Photography in Marketing


Stop motion isn’t just eye candy; it’s a critical component of your brand’s visual marketing strategy.

With ever-changing algorithms, keeping your audience engaged is more crucial than ever.

As a professional product photographer, I understand the stakes.

That’s why each frame is crafted to perfection, attracting eyeballs and, more importantly, clicks.


Ready to Make the Jump to Stop Motion?


Now that we’ve touched the surface of the magical world of stop motion, are you ready to make the leap?

Intrigued? You should be! It can be a game changer for your brand.

Fill out the form below to schedule a consultation call and get a personalized quote.


Let’s bring your brand to life, one frame at a time.


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