Ecommerce Tip 1 : Aspire


Success leaves clues and following the path of others can shorten your learning curve.

Find a successful brand that you admire. It doesn’t have to be in your niche, in fact it is better if it isn’t. Watch what they do:

  • How they present themselves.
  • Look at the design of their website.
  • Follow and observe their social media.
  • Study their advertising.
  • Learn how they interact with consumers.

You don’t want to copy them. Instead, use their example as inspiration to improve all the areas of your own business.


Ecommerce Tip 2 : Create unique content


If your ecommerce business is to succeed, you need to give consumers a reason to follow and buy. Sharing the same content as others can’t do this.

From your website and small business photography, to your copy, videos, social media shares and news, be unique.


Ecommerce Tip 3 : Build a great website


Building a solid e-commerce website takes thought. It needs to be visually appealing, easy to navigate, informative and create a frictionless purchasing environment.


To learn more about creating e-commerce product pages check out this article.

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Ecommerce Tip 4 : Talk to customers


This tip requires time, but it is one of the best things you can do for your business. Building relationships helps you understand a customer’s needs and serve them.

How can you do this with ecommerce? E-mail.

Reach out when customers make a purchase. Ask them if they are enjoying the product.

Find out if they have any questions or there if there is any other products they would like you to offer.

Then, as a thank you for their business, offer them a VIP discount code good for their next purchase.

Not everyone will reply, but those that do will help you to improve and grow your business!


Ecommerce Tip 5 : Be consistent


Nothing builds business like being consistent. Commit to a schedule you can follow. Plan things in advance and continue to be there when you say.

This will help you grow your customer base and gain their trust. The moment you lose this consistency, people will lose interest in what you have to offer.


Ecommerce Tip 6 : Join a brainstorming group


Being around like-minded individuals can feed your desire and path to success. Look for others like you, who are on a path to try and succeed.

Support and advise each other on a regular schedule. Then, check back and have everyone report what they did and the results.

If you don’t have access to a success group, look around on social media. Most successful people I know are part of a brainstorming group that challenges, encourages and advises them.



Ecommerce Tip 7 : Invest your profits


To grow any business, you need to invest in it. While it may be tempting to use the profits for other things, put them back into your business.

One of the best investments you can make is to advertise effectively. Don’t blow your budget on an untested ad. Small investments until you discover a winning combination works best. Once you have the right ad, offer and delivery, then scale it with the profits to expand your business’ success.


Ecommerce Tip 8 : Outsource


Why struggle with things you hate to do or aren’t good at? Especially when there is someone else who loves and excels at those things! If so, outsource!

As a business owner, you will wear a lot of hats and should know how to do things. But that doesn’t mean you have to do everything. If you hate accounting, marketing, writing copy, taking product photos, etc. pay someone else to do them.

Not only will the results usually be better, but you will have freed up time to concentrate on increasing the success of your business.


Ecommerce Tip 9 : Continue to learn


Growing your knowledge base allows you to make better business decisions. You may learn from your mistakes, which are bound to happen in any business venture. Taking courses is another excellent way to learn and shorten the curve to success.

Never stop learning. The moment you do is the moment your competition will find a way to overtake what you have built.


Ecommerce Tip 10 : Start Now


Don’t delay starting your business until the “right time.” There will always be obstacles that stand in the way of a dream. The only way to get on the path to success is to take the first step.

Yes, you will face setbacks and make mistakes. Everyone does. If you follow these top ten tips for ecommerce success, you will be able to overcome them and continue.

The longer you wait, the longer it will take you to succeed. So take action – don’t wait for perfection – make things good enough, start and continue to improve as you go.

I hope you’ve found these tips for ecommerce success helpful. If so, please share them with others. If not, please contact me to let me know how they may be improved – or what information would help you on your ecommerce journey.

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