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Seems like a simple enough request, but shooting product photography on location is more than taking a camera to a client’s place of business.

Today the demand for high-quality product imagery has never been higher.

Businesses compete for the attention of online consumers, the need for standout product images is crucial.

While studio photography offers controlled environments, there’s an undeniable allure to on-location product photography.

Capturing products in real-world settings or unique locales can breathe life into a brand, offering context and a story that studio shots might miss.

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Why Opt for On-Location Product Photography?


Authenticity & Storytelling:


On-location shots can resonate more with audiences. They either place products in relatable or aspirational setting. The location helps to weave a narrative around the brand.


Diverse Backdrops:


The world becomes your backdrop, offering endless possibilities from urban landscapes to natural vistas.


Dynamic Lighting:


Natural light can lend a unique quality to your images, offering a different feel compared to studio lights.


Challenges of On-Location Shooting


The freedom of on-location photography also comes with its challenges:


Logistical Considerations:


Transporting products, especially bulky or delicate ones, can be a challenge. Not to mention you will be transporting lights, cameras, tripods, stands and more to nail the shot.


Weather Dependency:


Natural elements can be unpredictable, and contingencies must be in place. Something as simple as the wind can cause lights to fall and products and props to go scurrying away.


Permits & Permissions:


Some locations might require special permissions or permits for commercial photography.

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Preparing for a Seamless On-Location Shoot


1. Pre-Shoot Planning


Scout the Location: Before the actual shoot, visit the chosen location. Assess the lighting conditions, potential obstacles, and the best spots for your shoot.

Organize Your Inventory: Categorize products and ensure they are clean and ready for the shoot. Use shot lists and metadata configurations to streamline the process.


2. Setting Up the Perfect Space


Select a Suitable Area: Ensure there’s enough space for the setup, especially if you’re dealing with larger products. Consider traffic patterns to avoid disruptions.

Power Considerations: Photography equipment can be power-intensive. Ensure you have reliable and sufficient power sources.


3. Collaboration is Key


Forge a Team Effort: Ensure seamless communication between your in-house team and the photography crew. Regular touchpoints can help address issues in real-time.

Develop a Style Guide: Collaborate to define the visual standards for your product images. This guide will serve as a reference throughout the shoot and ensure consistency.


4. Post-Shoot Procedures


Image Review & Approval: Once the shoot wraps up, review the images to ensure they align with your brand’s vision.

Optimize for Digital Platforms: Ensure images are web-ready, with the right format, resolution, and naming conventions for smooth integration into e-commerce platforms.

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Leveraging Modern Tools


Today, there are tools and platforms designed to facilitate on-location shoots.

From organizing product inventory digitally to using apps for real-time collaboration, the process has become more streamlined than ever.

Platforms like Bublup and Milanote offer functionalities that can enhance the efficiency and output of your on-location shoots.


Before We Wrap …


On-location product photography, while demanding, can offer unparalleled results.

With the right planning, collaboration, and tools, businesses can capture images that not only showcase their products but also tell compelling stories.

As with all business ventures, the key lies in preparation, adaptability, and a keen eye for detail.

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