Understanding Product Photography Pricing


How much does product photography cost? What are the average product photography rates? Why can’t I find product photography pricing?

If you’ve been searching the web for the cost of professional product photography, I understand the frustration. People share averages, leaving you with no idea what you should expect to pay for product photos.


Let’s Break Through The Myths:


That’s why this article is going to lay it all on the table. I’m sharing actual rates from product photographers around the world.

I’ll share what these photographers include. What they don’t, and what may cost you more than expected. So let’s get started.

Tom Product Photography Pricing

Product Photographer Rates

How Much Are Product Photos?


It is a simple question, so why is it difficult to get an answer?

Because product photographers have different:

• skill sets,
• levels of education, and
• quality

Here Are The Rates Of 11 Product Photographers


In this article I share the prices of 10 product photographers, along with my own rates and product photo packages.

We come from different areas. Have different levels of experience, and offer different types of photos/packages.

After reading this, you will know:

  • E-commerce photography pricing
  • Ad Photography pricing
  • Amazon photography pricing
  •  Lifestyle photography pricing, and yes,
  • How much you should expect to pay for product photography.


Quick Answer: Average Product Photography Rates


If you are in a hurry, here is the quick answer. The average cost of product photography is $102 per image.

This is based on the total fee charged by each photographer here and divided by the number of photographers.

I could offer you average for product photography package prices, but I won’t. Here’s why …

How much a product photographer charges depends on what you want from your images. So below are the actual prices.


The Actual Cost of Product Photography


Let’s Start With Photographer 1:

– No mention of number of images.
– Commercial license purchased separately.
– Client must provide a clear moodboard or let the photographer decide the direction of the photoshoot.
– Revisions are done on the shot material. Re-shooting can be purchased at an extra cost. 
– Prices may vary depending on the type of product to be shot.
– Days for delivery exclude weekends and holidays.
– All costs are covered by the client.
– I can assist you with studio, equipment, model casting and prop sourcing for an agreed extra price.
– Location scouting and permissions can only be handled by the client.

Don’t give up here!

If photographer one is out of your price range, I’m certain you will find someone who isn’t as we go forward.

Photographer One is a high end photographer. His images sell Mercedes Benz cars and Rolex Watches.

Why did photographer one leave out so much information on his photography rate sheet?

He usually deals with creative advertising photography agencies that plan major campaigns. The nitty gritty details get hashed out by the agent.

If you sell high end products with a sizeable profit, he may be the perfect photographer for you. But not everyone has a high end product, so there are levels of product photographers.


Photographer Experience: From Students to Pros


How Much Does Product Photographer 2 Charge?

– No mention of licensing.
– Reshoots are not free.
– revisions will be an additional cost.

As you can see, product photography pricing varies drastically. The rate is usually based on the photographer’s experience and specialization.

Low rates are generally priced by beginners, students and some overseas photographers.


Beginner Photography Prices


The beginners and students do product photos as a hobby to make some extra money.

Your images may be from a cell phone. That doesn’t mean there is no quality.

Even if they lack professional experience, they often bring fresh enthusiasm to your project. Their skill set and options may be a bit limited however.


Foreign Photography Rates (Outside U.S.A.)


Overseas photographers who charge low rates may be from Asia, such as Bangladesh or the Philippines. The cost of living is lower there. Your biggest issues working with these photographers may be:

• shipping products to them
• time zone differences
• communication

When dealing with low prices, it is more hit and miss at this level. You could get lucky, or you could lose money.



Let’s Talk Product Shoot Charges


Here’s Photographer 3’s Product Shoot Cost

– No mention of licensing.
– Photos on color background.
– Props must be discussed.

Looking at these photo package prices, you may think they are a bargain. And they are if the assets fit your marketing needs!

But as you read what’s included, 2 product photos may not be enough for your company. This can seriously bump the price!

That is why it is important to understand exactly what your photographer includes!


Product Photographer 4’s Product Photography Pricing

– No mention of commercial license.

From one photo at $250 to 10 product photos for $1000, savings come from larger orders!

Just like anyone else, the photographer must earn money for the work they put in. Setting up and tearing down the studio and sets for your photoshoot are work!

The more photos you get during the shoot, the less work involved in set up and tear down. Those savings usually get passed along.

Amazon Product Photography Pricing


Amazon Product Photography Is A Specialty

– No mention of commercial license.
– No mention of revisions.
– +EBC / A+ / A++ – are Amazon listing qualifications.

Photographer 5 focuses on a specialty. Amazon product photography packages pricing.

Photographer 6 also focuses on providing photography for Amazon.

– No mention of commercial license.
Package Notes:
Basic: 1x main image, 1x image with graphic design, 1x image lifestyle or action.
Premium: 1x main image, 2x image with graphic design, 2x image lifestyle or action.
Deluxe: 1x main image, 3x image with graphic design, 3x image lifestyle or action.

Because these photographers specialize, Amazon sellers should consider their services.

They obviously understand what a listing needs. By knowing what works and how to create it, they can save you money in the long run.

However, just like other product photoshoot pricing, you will notice their rates differ too.


Diving into Details: Photography Pricing Tables


A lot of details go into commercial product photography pricing. That is another reason for so much confusion.

– No mention of commercial license.

If you look at the prices for product photographer 7, you will see that

$300 gets you 5 photos.

$500 gets you 7 photos, but for

$1,000 you only get 5 photos again.




The largest package includes a model. The model must gets paid for your use of their likeness. The photographer passes this along and it cuts into your number of assets.

Shooting a model also takes the shoot to another level.

You are working with more than a product. Now you must make the model and product look great. (Plus still keep the focus on the product!)


Pricing For Product Photography


As you look at how much product photographers charge, remember, price isn’t everything.

Notice what they include in their photo packages.

Also pay attention to what they don’t include! It is what they don’t include that can end up blowing apart your photography budget.

Commercial Photography Pricing Essentials


This section is for the business owner or marketing director who is new to hiring a product photographer.


What You Need To Know About Business Photography Pricing


The U.S. Copyright laws favor your photographer.

They retain the copyright on their photos, even the ones you hire them to create for your product.

To use the photograph for your business, you must have a license saying you can use the photo. This is where many advertising agencies and photographers continue to earn money for their work for years.


How Much is Product Photography Licensing?


Licensing? You are aware of that, aren’t you? If not, read the article: What is a commercial photography licensing / usage fee?

Some photographers charge an additional fee for a license. Licenses can expire and must be renewed.

Other photographers roll their license fee into their rate.

Depending on your use of the photo, you may have the right to use it online, but not in a printed advertisement.

There are also photographers who will transfer the copyright to the client.

Know exactly what type of licensing the photographer offers and get that in writing!

product photography pricing on usage license

Photography Services Pricing – What You Need


Retouching and Editing


Photographers and editors can have different definitions of retouching and/or editing.

For example, to some services, retouching can mean color correcting the photo. Others might throw a filter on it to make it look sharper.

They may then charge you for additional editing if you need anything else done to the image.


Clean up and Correction


Chances are, you will want more than just a photo snapped by a camera. Even a good one!

With a still image, it is easy to look and see every small flaw in a product label. Or speck of dust on the product or table.

Does your photographer correct product blemishes? Do they remove dust and imperfections?

If not, you might as well hire someone that will. Or DIY your photoshoot and save money.


Styling and Art Direction


Some product photographers only take basic images of products. If you want multiple products or props / lifestyle photos, they could be at a loss.  

Then there is the product photography for luxury items category. Luxury items sell for more and require a higher quality of imagery to show consumers their value. These images are more difficult to shoot and not all photographers are equipped for the challenge.


Does your photographer charge more for styling and art direction? Some do. There is no problem with this, since it is an additional skill not everyone can offer. But it is important to know this upfront.


product photography

Delivery Time


Need your photos yesterday? It happens.

And here is where the saying: you can get two of three things, comes into play.

The three things are good, cheap and fast.

If you want it good and fast – it won’t be cheap.

If you want it fast and cheap – it won’t be good.

And if you want it good and cheap – it won’t be fast.

Note the delivery time the photographer promises. Confirm that with them.

If you look at my package bonuses, you will notice I offer 3-5 day turnarounds.

They are on the shoot and the edit. From your photoshoot date, you will have a private online gallery to review within 3 – 5 days.

From the moment you make your selections, you will have your edits within 3 – 5 days. I pride myself on this turn around. So far, I’ve never missed it – and don’t plan to!

Beware Product Shoot Charges That Seem Basic




I find it interesting that some product photographers offer lighting as a package option.

You can shoot in natural light. In fact, some photographers shoot natural light better than using continuous LED, flash or strobe.

IMHO – if you are hiring a professional product photographer, lighting shouldn’t be an upgrade.

Unless it is a location shoot and lighting must be transported.


Camera, Tripod And Lens


Don’t you need to have a camera and a lens to take product photos? For most shots, a tripod is important too.

Unless they need to rent a specific piece of gear to take a special type of image for your needs – watch out!

In most cases, these aren’t a bonus or perk, they are the tools the photographer needs to do their job.


More eCommerce Photography Rates


Let’s continue looking at product photography pricing. Here is a look at more product photoshoot package prices.

– No mention of commercial license.
– No mention of revisions.
– Additional Model – $250
– Cats for pet products available.

– No mention of commercial license.

So far, you’ve had a good look at a bunch of commercial photographer rates.

You may be a bit confused. Which one is the best for your photography marketing needs?

Before I remove the confusion, take a look at one more product photography service. This service charges by the photo, but prices can definitely rise fast.


Product Photography Price Per Image

Product Photography Service (Ten)

à la carte Menu

Pricing Below

    Product Photos – $39

    Included with photos:

• 24 Hour Delivery
• Standard Editing
• Backdrops
• Studio Props
• Lifestyle Staging
• Virtual Shoot
• On Set Collaboration

     Add On Per Photo

• Remove Background – $9
• Change Background Color – $9
• Smooth Model Skin – $9
• Create Pattern – $9
• Retouching – $9
• Additional Editing – $9
• Purchase RAW Images – $9
• Hand Model – Starts At $99
• Pet Model – Starts At $129
• Full Body Model – Starts At $249
• Photo Styling – Starts At $249


• Basic Start At $269 • Standard Start At $593 • Video Start At $836

A Sweet Cost Per Image


At $39 with a 24 hour turn around, this company may be your dream photography service.

They have a large base of photographers prepared to help you meet your marketing goals.

You can use studio props for free, get lifestyle staging and even watch and collaborate on the shoot virtually.


Actual Cost Per Image


As a product photographer myself, I would be worried by the Add On Per Photo section.

If you want to change the color of the background, and get some additional editing …

A $39 product photo could easily cost more than $60 dollars per photo.

In the grand scheme, that is still a great deal. But if you budget off the heavily advertised $39 per photo, it could be a problem.


My Pricing For Product Photography


To me, the above product photo rates include way too many variables.

This is why I make it easy on my clients. My Westminster, Maryland product photography studio offers hassle free packages.

It is also no problem creating customized photo packages and providing an exact quote that meet a client’s needs.


Take a look at my product photography prices and offer:

Tom Crowl Product Photography Pricing:

The Gold Package – $4,995.00


• 40 Product Photos

Digitally Delivered in Both High Resolution & Online Formats

• 5 Stop Motion Animations


• 3 Short Form Videos

The Silver Package – $3,495.00


• 25 Product Photos

    Digitally Delivered in Both High Resolution & Online Formats

• 3 Stop Motion Animations


• 2 Short Form Videos

The Basic Package – $1,995.00


• 10 Product Photos

    Digitally Delivered in Both High Resolution & Online Formats

• 2 Stop Motion Animations


• 1 Short Form Video


• Free Unlimited Commercial Licensing
• Free Video Music Licensing
• 3 – 5 Day Turnaround Times
• Moodboard Within 24 Hours
• Free 1 on 1 Pre-Production Call
• Custom Creative Direction
• Professional Product Styling
• Product Group Shots
• Free Product Prep
• Unlimited Backdrops
• Free Prop Shopping
• Free Use of In-house Props
• Professional High End Photoshop Retouching
• 100% Money Back Guarantee*


– No mention of revisions because revisions are seldom needed due to my pre-shoot preparation & communication. If required, the revision is free.
– No limit on number of products or number of shots for each.
– Packages may be customized for your needs – don’t need video? Get more stop animations or product photos.
– Custom packages available, contact for quote.
– My goal is to make sure you get the assets your business needs and you are thrilled with the results.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

I stand behind my work. If you are not happy with your photos upon delivery, you will get a 100% refund. Just let me know within two business weeks of receiving the final edits to get your money back.

I then will revoke your license to use the assets since they are not to your satifaction.

The Cost Of Product Photography Made Easy


Photo Package Prices


My minimum pricing is $1995. If your budget is lower than that, I am sorry. I’m not currently the right product photography service for you.

These packages are flexible. Don’t need videos? No problem, we can add more stop motion animations (great for social media posts) or product photos.


Product Photoshoot Bonuses


The bonuses I offer come with all packages. These are things I believe should be available to clients.

My service is about bringing your vision to life in photographs. These perks help me do this, and I want you to know they are there for you!


Revisions And Reshoots


Let me share a story. Recently, a new client voiced concerns about reshoots and revisions.

I assured them that with my process, reshoots are rare, and revisions are always free.

Result: They were so impressed with the proof gallery, they decided to purchase more photos! No revisions or reshoots needed!


Communication With Your Photographer


No revisions or reshoots save you time. Because you deal directly with me, I am able to create the images you want. The Moodboard I offer and the 1 on 1 pre-production call make this possible.

That doesn’t mean they can’t happen, but the odds are greatly reduced.


A Product Photography Money Back Guarantee


No other product photographer on this guide offered a money back guarantee. That pretty much means if you don’t like the images, you are out both time and money.

While I am not the only photographer who offers this guarantee – there aren’t that many that do!

Why Choose My Photo Service?


I’m not the cheapest option by far. But my customer service and the bonuses included in my packages, make my eCommerce photography pricing value-packed.

From impeccable communication to fast delivery, I strive to over deliver at every turn.


What sets me apart?


Besides my skill set and style, I offer that 100% money-back guarantee. This shows you that I stake my reputation on your satisfaction.

I always work harder to be certain you love the results!


The True Cost of Product Photography


No matter how much a product photographer charges, the true cost of product photography lies in the fine print.

What’s included in your product photo shoot cost? Post-production editing? Multiple revisions? Licensing fees?

Knowing the inclusions can help you make an informed decision.


The Art Of The Choice


The saying goes, “Cheap is expensive.”

That is especially true when it comes to product photography.

You’re not buying a photo – you’re investing in your brand’s perception, product appeal, and sales.

If your head spins trying to decipher terms like “product photography price per image,” “commercial product photography pricing,” or “average cost of product photography?” Don’t worry.

I’m here to help. Reach out today for a free consultation call. Let’s discuss your business, your marketing needs, and see how I can be of assistance.

I promise it’ll be worth every penny!

Just fill out the form below to get started …

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