Everyday, people seem to have less time, and with that, comes short attention spans. Because images are so much faster to consume than a page full of text, product photos help you sell more. (And save you money!!!)

Why you need professional product photography

High quality image assets that speak your brand, help set your business apart from the competition. It is estimated that there are between 12 and 24 million ecommerce sites on the Internet. No one knows for sure, but even at the low end, that is a lot of competition for the online sale.

E-commerce shopper polls show that most online consumers rely on product photos when purchasing items. The better the quality of your photos, the better chance consumers will click the buy button.

Online consumers prefer to have multiple images of a product when making a buying decision. Think of them as your online sales staff, showing consumers the benefits of buying your wares or service.

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How can product photos help conversions?

As stated above, professional product photos will let shoppers virtually examine your wares. The more angles and interaction you can create, the more time they spend getting acquainted.

But professional photography isn’t cheap, so understanding how to use these images will benefit your business.

Product photos help reduce pre-purchase support.

By discussing the most commonly asked questions about your product with your product photographer, these may be answered visually. Things like size can be compared using scale and infographics. Color accurate images can help shoppers determine if the product fits their needs.

Product photos help reduce returns.

With accurate, high quality images, returns have been cut as much as 40%. Returns cost you money, so that can add up to quite a savings.

Product Photos reinforce your brand.

Developing a visual style for consumers helps them remember your business. Huge companies like Coke, Pepsi and McDonalds will often spend money just to market their brand.

You don’t need to do that, but by using your visual assets to match and convey your brand, your business will stand out.

Small business photos go beyond just product photography.

While getting your product photos taken, it helps to bundle which brings costs per shot down. So what else can your product photogrpher do to help?

How about instruction photos … visually show how your product is assembled, installed or used. This can save post-sale support time!

What about social media imagery? Sure, you can use your product photos on social accounts, and should, but have your photographer take it a few steps further.

Blog and website images should be considered too. Your website header can benefit from great product photography. Feature images for blog articles can help your company’s look. Plus breaking up text is recommended, so images throughout can benefit your copy and your readers.

While I’m not telling you to skimp on written content and product descriptions, I can say as a fact that great product photos will benefit you. They help those in a hurry make the decision to buy or leave your website. So don’t skimp on the visuals, invest in your business!

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