I was talking with a fellow business owner about ways to build your brand online. We talked brand strategy, the four basic components of building a brand, how to get your brand noticed and improving a brand image.

This led me to a Google search on “ways to build your brand,” and I was pretty disappointed with the results. Everyone was sharing the basic brand building steps, but solid, day to day working advice was pretty slim.

The corporatefinanceinstitute.com website shared a good article that included:

What should a brand strategy include? A brand strategy is an action plan that determines the type of image that a company wants to build with its customers.

While it then dissolves into the standard: purpose, target audience, etc. there are some good points later in the text.

The overall point that caught my attention as a product and small business photographer, was: “type of image that a company wants to build …”


Images sell your brand …

images that sell brands

Images are everywhere you look. If you go to a website with tons of copy and no visuals, chances are you won’t be there for long. The brain processes images at lighting speeds. Photos can attract attention and convince consumers to learn more.

Images not only sell your brand, they sell your product. If you have two similar products side by side, the one that has better pictures will get the sale. Why? Because the consumer can’t touch the product. How it is photographed tells the story, the quality, conveys the brand and helps the consumer imagine using the product.


Images build your brand online …

product photographer in Maryland

Your company probably uses images on your website, your sales pages, in advertising, marketing, promotion and social media.

Each image needs to portray the brand you want to build. Quality images reflect positively on your company. Quick phone pics lower the standards and thus the perceived value of your brand.

If you already have a brand, you don’t need to know what goes into creating one. You need to know ways to improve your brand online, get noticed and increase your perceived value. These will lead to more sales, making images assets an investment, not an expense.

It doesn’t matter if you are just creating a brand, want to grow your brand or want to recreate your brand image, small business and product photography can help.

Based in Maryland, I offer product photography services to clients throughout the United States.

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