Product images are everywhere you turn. Watch television, or Youtube, you’ll see a commercial. Go on social media, you’ll definitely see adverstisements. Are there too many product photos?

It seems that ecommerce has blown the lid off the advertising & marketing communities. Everywhere, and I do mean everywhere you have people marketing to you. Even when you are standing at a urnal in a men’s bathroom.

With that many photos slapping us upside the head today, isn’t the consumer a bit oversaturated. On the contrary, I’d say they are A LOT oversaturated.

What do too many product photos mean?

It means a lot of things. First, it means they work.

Product photos are the lure that bring people into your business. They need or want something, see a photo of it and follow the link or buy button if the desire is strong enough.

The better your product photos are, the greater the chance of getting the sale. Ask anyone involved in ecommerce and they will tell you that great product photos are one of the most important things you can have.

But too many product photos popping up also creates a negative affect. It means many are desensitized, which makes it harder to grab their attention.

visual marketing assets

That is the reason professional product photography is worth investing in. The best product photographers keep up with their industry. They know what is out there and how to stand out.

From social media images that stop the scroll, to product photos for websites that cause customers to click the buy button, there is a psychology to the imagery.

If you are taking your own photos, or unhappy with your current photographer, maybe it is time to shake things up. Let’s take your brand’s photos to the next level, from “too many” to “look at that!”

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