Even as a small business owner, you want to present a professional and polished appearance to your customers. Small business photography can do just that!

Isn’t everyone a photographer?

Today, anyone can take a picture with their phone. There are simple tutorials on YouTube that advise you on how to take your own product photos.

Creating image assets that sell your brand and products involves more than just taking a picture though.

There is a lot of thought that goes into:

  • the best way to display your product
  • props or accessories to enhance your product
  • a background that will compliment your product
  • making sure your brand is represented in the image
  • the best way to light your product to draw the eye
  • understanding how the image will be cropped
  • planning the images for your sales platform(s)
  • and much more.

There is a difference between professional product photography, the person who does it part time and the business owner with an iPhone.

small business product photography

Why hire a photographer for your small business?

A professional photographer will see things others miss. Often, people aren’t sure why a photo doesn’t look as good as it should. Details count, especially when you are trying to win customers.

With a small business photographer, you are paying for more than the technical knowledge of how to operate a camera. The experience, education and eye of a photographer all go into creating images that sell your brand & products to consumers.

Media represents your brand

The images you share publicly on your website, sales pages, marketing materials and social media represent your company. Low quality images will reflect poorly on you and cost you sales.

First impressions are important!

By creating a wow factor with your website, advertising and product images you’ve got the perfect hook to draw consumers your way. Often, consumers make online purchasing decisions based on product representation in photos.

So don’t think of professional photography as an expense to avoid. Look at it for what it is … an asset investment in your small business’ future.

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