It doesn’t matter if you are a new business creating an online presence, or an established brand giving your look a makeover, photography plays a major role in how consumers perceive your brand.

The cost of professional photography may cause you to consider ways to reduce that expense.

Low quality images reflect poorly on your business.

You could always take the pictures yourself. Going to a site like Fiverr or Upwork may be less expensive if you get a student making money on the side.

There are always stock photos that may work. Although they don’t portray your brand as much as a generic theme.

Cutting corners never results in a positive experience with long term assets. The image that was okay today will cost you more tomorrow when you realize the quality wasn’t there.

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Why is professional photography important for online sales?

High quality, custom photographs bring your brand to life for online consumers. They create trust, a sense of professionalism and a unique presence that stands apart from competition.

Online, people can’t physically touch or examine the quality of your product. Professional photos not only capture the look and feel, but also style your product so it will appeal to an online customer.

Professional product photos allow you to show consumers what you offer in spectacular, eye-catching detail.

Studies show that products with unique, high quality images result in more sales.

So before you pick up your phone to snap a picture, or hire a cheap product photographer, remember the image will represent your brand. Low quality reflects on your business.

You aren’t saving money, you are costing yourself lost sales
as consumers take their business elsewhere.

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