Product photography used to be the domain of big business. The lighting, concepts and execution made their product photos jump off the page. It was difficult for smaller companies to compete with their carefully crafted imagery.
Today, anyone with a smartphone can start an internet business. But trying to run your business and working in your business doesn’t make sense.
Case in point: Product Photos

Why product photos are important to your business.

The image assets your business uses are an important part of convincing consumers to buy your products online.
Quality product photos can be used for:
  • online shopping sites,
  • product pages,
  • online ads,
  • printed materials,
  • emails,
  • banners,
  • signs,
  • posters,
  • websites,
  • blog articles,
  • social media and more …
With so much competition out there, when you build your brand online, it needs to stand apart from the crowd. Stock photos do just the opposite, they make you one of the masses competing on price alone.
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Can you take your own product photos?

You could, pull out your iPhone and take your own pictures. But will they generate sales?

Quality product photos are more involved than just clicking a button. It requires creativity and product styling that draws the eye. Lighting that flatters every aspect of your merchandise. Plus careful editing to provide you with a pristine image that is color accurate.

If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram, chances are you’ve seen an ad or two. They design the images & clips to capture your attention, stop the scroll and encourage the click.

So if you understand the psychology and all the skills listed above, yes, you could take your own product photos. But is that the best use of your time?

Should you hire a product photographer?


Product photos increase your revenue


Consider three similar products in an Amazon search. Two of the marketers are using stock footage from their supplier. The third has unique photographs that look amazing. Which one would you click on?

That click through gets them to your product page, where more high quality photos and creative copy can convince the consumer to purchase your offering.

That is the value of a good product photographer. We create image assets that make your company stand out and increase your sales.

Adding a product photographer to your team for a one time project or as a free-lance contractor makes sense. It frees your time to grow your business and helps you present a polished brand image to the world.

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