When you hear “product photography cost per image,” your mind might instantly drift to a set price tag.

But really, this phrase encompasses so much more than a static fee.

I will share a cost per image and in fact, give you the pricing of different photographers.

But first, let’s look at what it “cost per image” truly means and why it’s paramount to grasp its intricacies.

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The Spectrum of Pricing


Ah, the question everyone searching for product photography the first time asks: “How much does product photography cost per image?”

It’s not as straightforward as you might think.

While it’s tempting to go for that offer of a $49 photo, remember: you get what you pay for.

A low base rate could mean a quick set, shoot, and done. But what if you want more?


Experience Matters


From hobbyists to professionals, the experience of the photographer plays a pivotal role in the cost per image.

But while experience does impact the price, it’s essential to remember that the true value lies in the results they deliver.


Pricing Structures Unpacked


Per Image Pricing: The Real Story


It’s tempting to look for a flat rate per image beacuse you want to know how much this is going to cost you.

However, the actual cost per image is influenced by numerous factors.

A base rate might only cover the basics, set it up and take a picture.

But anyone can do that! You could do that with your phone.

What if you want specific styling, angles, or props? That’s an added fee.

Dreaming of a particular background, location, model or even a lifestyle shoot? Yep, you guessed it: additional costs.

And let’s not even get started on retouching or editing, which can send your budget skyrocketing.

So that $49 per photo the big product photography companies offer, chances are you’ll be adding to it at every turn.


Day, Hour, and Product-based Pricing


While the “per image” model is popular, there are other pricing structures out there.

Whether it’s charging by the day, hour, or product, each has its advantages.

However, the key lies in understanding what’s included and what might cost extra.


product photo price per image - even this image would cost extra with some companies.


Additional Factors Affecting Cost


The complexity of the shoot, equipment used, post-processing needs, and even the product itself can influence the overall price.

A heavy or intricate product might be costlier to photograph than a simple one.

But remember: you’re not just paying for a picture; you’re investing in an image that can boost sales and build your brand’s reputation.


The Role of E-commerce Platforms


If you’re thinking of selling on platforms like Amazon, specialized product photography requirements come into play.

While the base rate might seem standard, adhering to specific platform guidelines can increase costs too.


Making the Right Choice: It’s Not Just About the Money


Before you get that sticker shock, pause and consider: you’re hiring an artist.

Someone who’ll take your product and transform it into a desirable piece for your target market.

This isn’t just a click-and-shoot deal; it’s an art.

The image you receive will be a tool you use to generate revenue.

So, skimping on photography? It might just cost you more in the long run.

product photography cost per image varies depending upon complexity of the shoot. This may look like a simple shot, but a lot went into it.


By now, you might be thinking, “So, what should I do?”

It’s simple: Communicate. Talk with potential product photographers. Explain your needs. Get a custom quote.

And remember, if you’re planning on a base rate per image, be prepared for potential additional costs.

My studio provides all inclusive product photography services, when I learn your needs, I quote you a total price so you can budget for the photoshoot.

Keep in mind that you’re not just paying for a photo; you’re investing in your brand’s future success.


So Now You Know The Variables


Understanding the true essence of “product photography cost per image” is crucial.

It’s not about finding the cheapest deal; it’s about recognizing the value behind the price tag.

After all, in the world of product photography, sometimes you truly do get what you pay for.


BUT You Probably Still Wonder – What Is Product Photography Pricing?


I told you at the beginning I would give you the real prices of 10 real photographers – plus my own.

Check out our detailed guide: Product Photography Pricing: Critical Insights for Your eCommerce Success.

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